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It is an amazing feeling when a customer values your handmade piece. However, the hardest part is putting a price on items. Most sellers scroll through Etsy and see what similar items go for and let that guide them.

How To Make 100000 With Your Handmade BusinessThat is a good strategy to price your items but how do you makes sure you make a good profit from it? Will that strategy allow you to make $100,000?

Learn from a seller who makes $100,000 from her handmade pieces!

Jacqueline is the owner of the Wicked Griffin where you can find eclectic Viking inspired jewelry for men and women who love Renaissance festivals.

She is very passionate with her work and industry. She thinks her customers particularly love her products because she incorporates symbols and mythology right into her items. So it’s like wearing a story as a piece of jewelry.

If you want to learn more about this seller, check this video interview with Renae Christine where she squeezes all sorts of how to information and inspiration from her. She recently hit the $100,000 mark with her business:

Personally, if you want more sales you do need to really dig in and do the research to find out what works; do your homework before you jump in, get as much information as you can get, participate and get to know others in your chosen niche.

You can get inspiration from these year’s top Etsy sellers:

Don’t forget to set goals for sales, first $1000 the first month, then $5000 then $10,000 to $100,000(or more) in less than a year.

Consistency is one of the main keys here so set your goals and chip away day by day. You will be amazed at the amount of progress you have made by the end of a year.

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