5 Things You Should Not Do When Selling At Craft Shows

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Have you had any weird experiences when vending at a craft show? Do you want to avoid any mishap that could potentially harm your experience at craft shows?

5 Things You Should Not Do When Selling At Craft ShowsRead on!

Here are 5 things you should NEVER do when you’re selling at craft shows:

1. Coming Unprepared

The very first mistake you can make is coming unprepared. That is why making a list of all the things you need at the craft show is important. It would also help if you check them off one-by-one as you put them into your car or do a house craft show rehearsal where you display all your products, setup your receipts, your cash box, etc. Forgetting a basic thing or not having enough products to restock as the day goes on are mistakes that you can easily prevent.

Make sure you’re completely prepared before you arrive to the show.

We prepared a free craft show checklist for you. You can download them here!

2. Having Only One Payment Method

Most sellers only accept cash but many shoppers fall short on cash when they have already bought from other booths. So accepting several forms of payment is recommended. There are so many mobile credit card processing systems available for handmade sellers, so find one that works for your business.

Check a credit card device (Square, PayPal, Etsy, etc.) you can use on the event.

You can ask your crafter friends for recommendations about what kind of processing apps they use at shows.

3. No Price Sign Display

Not all people will put an effort to ask you about the price of your items. If an item isn’t priced, many people will assume that it’s super expensive and will be hesitant to ask. Don’t make this mistake! Make sure everything is clearly priced and don’t forget to add a little touch of craftiness into your price sign displays.

4. You don’t have any change

Don’t start selling without bringing extra cash- especially small bills so you can give change to your customers who pay with paper money. It would be a hassle for you to hop on other sellers to ask for a change. Most of the time, these sellers won’t change your money bill because they’re also saving it for their own customers. If you’re only accepting cash and you don’t have enough change, you risk losing a sale.

5. Too Chatty And Pushy

Greeting a customer is great but being too friendly or pushy is a red flag. A “hard sell” approach will turn off most shoppers. A simple hello and a quick description of your products is better than a long sales pitch which makes someone feel trapped and awkward. To keep from being too salesy you can rehearse your greeting and spiel before the day of the craft show. Have a friend practice with you as if they’re a shopper you’ve never met before.

Craft fairs and trade Shows are challenging in so many different ways.

Here are 5 things to avoid when selling your handmade goods in person by Olivia Hayward.

Do you have any words of wisdom? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on your craft shows. Please share it to us in the comments.

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