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Are you tired of doing all of the craft-related tasks on your own? Get some help!

What To Keep In Mind When Hiring Your First EmployeeAre you wondering who to hire first? Keep reading!

Whether you want to hire a personal secretary or virtual assistant, getting some help will help you spend more time on important matters such as making your products, fun day with your family, girl time with your besties, etc.

However, some handmade business owners directly hire someone without proper evaluation of the person. They tend to add more stress in you rather than saving your time.

There are so many things you can get help with for your craft business. Here are a few:

  1. Photoshop editing for your images
  2. Uploading listings
  3. Updating your website
  4. Uploading products into your shopping cart
  5. Keeping your Facebook page updated
  6. Writing content for your blog
  7. Book keeping

….the list goes on and on.

Sometimes you ask yourself, Do I hire somebody in sales, marketing, operations, accounting, finance, product development, legal? Who do I hire first? Answering that question when hiring your first employee is a very simple answer that this video below will show you.

Watch this video by our favourite entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David about what to keep in mind when hiring your first employee:

If you are not sure about getting full time help or just by the hour or by the project, we created a guide for you about remote outsourcing to get started.

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