How To Pursue Your Passion Without Losing Everything

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Is there a new hobby or project that you have been meaning to start or have been doing, but you are worried that it might ruin your focus or perhaps, lose everything? Maybe it’s crocheting, handmade soap making, or quilting…

How To Pursue Your Passion Without Losing EverythingWhatever your passion, it’s easy to get distracted or busy dealing with life’s responsibilities, but our interests and passions are an important part of who we are. They’re worth exploring to the fullest.


From Jillian Clemmons

“Moving from CA to Seattle, WA after I got married (for my husband) and I had the same depressed feelings, looking for work–and not nearly as many changes or challenges as this caller. I ended up having to work in an entirely different field, and really changing everything about myself b/c I knew it wasn’t financially possible for us to move for awhile, and it was very hard. One of the man things I kept feeling was, “I did this all for HIM,” and it even put stress on our relationship b/c I grew resentful. I ended up getting through it–but I had to really get over this hump of anger and looking back at the past. Also, making a group of friends in my new home did wonders for my mental health.”

Sounds familiar, right?

In our work oriented culture, hobbies are often perceived to be a waste of time (that sucks!). If you struggle with the idea of putting time into a hobby, check this awesome video from Marie Forleo:

How about you? How do you pursue your passion despite the activities of daily living? We’re interested! Please share it with us in the comments.

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