How To Deal With Copycats In Etsy And Stay Ahead Of Them

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Are people ripping off your business, designs or products? Are you struggling to figure out how to deal with a copy cat?

How To Deal With Copycats In Etsy And Stay Ahead Of ThemYou love to learn and be inspired, don’t you? Whether it’s creativity, strategies or world-changing ideas. But there is a big difference between using someone’s ideas to get your creative juices flowing and flat out stealing someone else’s stuff.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But it’s not flattering if the views and sales are going straight to their hands, instead of you as the original maker.

Of course we know that there are no “new” ideas. Almost everything we know and teach, we’ve learned from someone else. We usually get new ideas from family, friends, books, blogs, audios, teachers and mentors. But most of us also work really hard to give credit where credit is due, and revamp old ideas with a fresh perspective.

Now, know the difference between “modeling” and being a copycat. This is really important to get because modeling can lead to success, and “copying” will put you out of business.

In this video, Marieforleo will show you a few simple steps to take when you’re dealing with copy cats, or suspect someone is ripping off your business.

Always remember, if your competitors follow you, that makes you a leader. Use your energy to stay ahead of the pack, and strive to innovate, rather than watching your back all the time.

That’s it. Do you have experiences with people ripping off your ideas or if you have strategies for dealing with copy cats, please let us know in the comment box below.

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