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Do you want to be updated with the latest tips, inspiration and site news from Etsy?

Etsy’s Seller Handbook Updated – Check It Now!Last May 7, 2015, Etsy announced the update of the Seller Handbook. Whether you’re a new seller just getting started, or a more experienced shop owner looking for ways to grow or a seasoned business pro,this seller handbook is designed to be a complete and friendly source of tips and inspiration for sellers of any experience level around the world.

The Seller Handbook was revamped based on Etsy sellers’ review gathered during user research, in blog comments and Forums posts, and in conversations with the Etsy community.

If you read the Seller Handbook, you’ll find:

  1. Practical advice from fellow sellers, Etsy Admin and business experts.
  2. Inspiring seller profiles and the latest news from the Etsy Community.
  3. Regular updates on new feature launches, policy changes and other site news – all in one place.

The redesigned Seller Handbook also features stories in a variety of languages, including French, Germanand more with a purpose to better support their global community.

In addition, they added the Seller Handbook to the Sell on Etsy app. Once you download version 2.8 of the Sell on Etsy App for Android devices or Apple iOS devices, you’ll be able to explore Seller Handbook articles on your preferred device – and on the go – using the app.

For more information about downloading the latest version of Sell on Etsy, check out these Help Articles:

  1. Sell on Etsy for Android
  2. Sell on Etsy for iPhone

Check out this Seller Handbook article to get more information about the new features and give us your feedback in the comments section.

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