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Are you wondering why you should have a backup plan for your Etsy shop? It’s simply because, it’s not your personal shop.

Why Etsy Sellers Should Have A Backup PlanYou definitely don’t have to leave Etsy, but use these tips to make sure that you have an alternative plan should something go wrong.

Today’s crafting world would not be as popular as it is without Etsy. Like book authors who hate Amazon’s policies, crafters who hate Etsy find it hard to leave because of the site’s immense traffic and generally positive public reputation.

Etsy has grown from a startup built by crafters and for crafters to a juggernaut on the verge of an initial public offering.

A selling venue like Etsy is a great place to start and test the waters for your handmade business.

However, you must be aware that any venue has the right to shut down your shop at any time for any reason – or no reason at all.

If you run a shop on Etsy, I highly recommend having a backup plan in case something happens to your shop. I have horror stories about shop owners having their shops deactivated by Etsy without warning.

In fact, 168,000 Etsy accounts shut down in 2014.

Another reason why you need a backup plan because some policies and updates on Etsy might discourage you and it may be too late to recover your data.

Some issues include, if a buyer backs out of a transaction and you mutually agree to cancel, Etsy may drop your store completely even though you have 15,000 positive feedbacks.

Also, if your shipping is late (even within normal deadlines) Etsy tells buyers to report it to Federal Internet Crime Bureau.

Watch this video by I’m A Cool Mom to encourage you to manage and start your backup plan:

If you’ve kept your old shop open and still rely on sales from there, then keep the shop up to date, send orders promptly and stick to the rules! But please, have a backup plan.

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