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Are you one of those handmade enthusiasts who usually shop online? Or are you one of those crafters who use Ebay for craft supply shopping?

24-ebay-educationIf yes, you need to know some helpful tips straight from Ebay.

Learn the basics from Ebay Education!

It’s simple!

eBay offers Ebay education for starters to gain knowledge and tools necessary to successfully sell, buy, and increase sales on eBay.

  1. Getting Started – Buy and sell handicrafts locally, nationally or globally on Ebay, the world’s largest online marketplace! Learn how to get started on Ebay, how you’re protected as an eBay user, and how to contact them when you need help.
  2. How To Buy – Learn how to bid, buy it now and trade safely on eBay. The information on this page will help get you started as a buyer on eBay.
  3. How To Sell – Get tips from registering as a seller and understanding eBay’s policies. Here’s all the information you will need. It’s all about experimenting with your options and finding the best methods that suit you. We also created a guide for you on how to start and sell on Ebay.
  4. Increase Your Sales – When you’re ready to sell your crafts on a regular or permanent basis, there are tools available to help you in increasing your sales. The information on this page can help you become a more successful eBay seller. Even if you’ve been selling for a while, you’ll probably find some of this information useful in streamlining your eBay sales.

Get all of the basics from Ebay Education!

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