4 Types Of Crafty Sellers: Which One Are You?

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Ever wondered what type of handmade seller are you?

4 Types Of Crafty Sellers - Which One Are You-I’ll leave it to you to decide which one fits you best. You may even see a little of yourself in more than one type. But remember, none of these are bad. All play crucial roles in handmade selling, pushing it up the business channels, developing a strategy and overseeing execution and implementation. These are all pieces of a puzzle, arteries leading to the beating heart of handmade business marketing. Wow – can I make that sound any more dramatic?

Well, here they are:

1. The Competitive Seller

These sellers are in it to win it and get a thrill from beating competitors. To them, life is survival of the fittest and they put a lot of energy into making sure that they stay ahead of everybody else. Contrary to how they may be perceived, the goal isn’t more money or a great life (although both of those things come from beating the competition).

People with competitive personalities tend to be highly independent, direct and decisive. They are deadline driven and change oriented. They may come across as impatient or high-strung, and may seem rushed when they communicate with you.

2. The Online Engager

Online Engagers have fully developed their social media outlets and engage with them regularly. Preferred outlets include social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (and many others), blogging, and utilizing email marketing where appropriate. It’s all done online. They post, they blog, they join groups, they like, they share, and they develop relationships that generate leads.

It really takes this type of dedicated effort to see results because of the simple fact that arts and crafts business as a crowded environment. Familiar faces are able to establish themselves as thought leaders more quickly, garnering trust and credibility. If this is your preferred type, make sure you’re maximizing your engagements. Don’t be selling all the time, nobody likes that. Join other people’s discussions, help where you can and work on developing relationships.

3. The Spontaneous Seller

These crafty sellers live for the fun of the project. They don’t care too much about competition; they love what they do and that exciting feeling they get when they are creating their handmade pieces. People with spontaneous personalities are creative and enthusiastic. They tend to be very social and enjoy interacting with others. Far from having a methodical personality, spontaneous personalities don’t usually enjoy static routines and are easy-going and extroverted.

4. Passively Aggressive

Not in the way you’re thinking. Passively aggressive marketers use tools like direct mail, traditional advertising and e-books. This is where a more aggressive sales approach can be used. Passively aggressive marketers who also enjoy writing can benefit greatly from writing e-books. Find an online engager to help you move them. Those who purchase an e-book from you can be considered a shopper in your sales funnel, and can be nurtured into client status.

All marketing types require diligence, patience, dedication and persistence. I don’t think anyone has come up with a one size fits all easy solution to selling yet, so start with the areas that you are comfortable with and see what similar approaches you can try.

So, there you have it. Every personality is different. Everything you do needs to be tailored to fit one of these four personality types. Now that I’ve identified them for you, you will probably begin to notice these characteristics.

The great part about personality types is that once you’ve mastered them, you’ve mastered them. You know how to handle anybody.

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