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We’re all pretty familiar with Twitter’s 140 characters—and of course, a photo is always an eye-catching addition. But what if your Twitter audience could sign up for your email list without ever leaving Twitter?

How To Easily Grow Your Email List Using TwitterYou also probably already know that it’s not always so easy to grow your list.

One way to do that is through Twitter Lead Generation Cards. If you’re already active on Twitter, as most small businesses are, these cards a great tool for promoting your newsletters and collecting new signups with ease.

Lead Gen Cards get posted straight to your feed like any other tweet. And readers can subscribe right within their Twitter feed, with one click.

Their email addresses are already confirmed within the app, so no additional opt-in is required. The new contacts pass directly into your e-mail list.

MailChimp and ConvertKit are e-mail support softwares that supports Twitter cards. If you’re a member of another software, contact them and ask if they support Twitter cards as well.

Getting Started

When you sign up as a Twitter advertiser (Free), you are able to create Lead Generation Cards by going to Creatives > Cards > Great Lead Generation Card.

In order to create lead generation cards, you must enter your credit card information into Twitter Ads (even though the lead-generation cards are free to create and promote yourself). To enter your credit card, select “Set up credit card payment” under the “Account” menu.

You will then be able to upload an image, a description, a call to action, etc.

You will need to be sure to have a privacy policy url on your website as a requirement from Twitter. If you don’t have one yet, you can create one for free by downloading this privacy policy template.

You will also need a fallback url for your signup form in case the Twitter client that your follower is using doesn’t yet support cards. You can then customize the following optional features:

  1. A post-submit message
  2. A destination url after they submit
  3. A submit URL to send the form data to

Set up the rest of your card’s settings and check the box at the bottom of the page to agree to Twitter’s data use policy.

Before you go, test the Lead Generation Card in Twitter to ensure that things are set up correctly. You can test by sending it as a single tweet and then clicking on it. As long as the email you have associated with Twitter isn’t already on your list, you should see the new subscriber in that Form you created at the beginning.

Also, once you send out the card as a tweet, go ahead and pin it to the top of your Twitter profile so you can potentially collect emails every time someone looks at your profile.

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