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Most articles in the internet that discuss logo design suggest that if your business is important to you, you should hire a professional designer to create your logo for you, but that’s gonna cost you – BIG!

design-logoSo it leaves us with one option… to design it on ourself.

It’s not as daunting as you might think as long as you take a few careful principles into consideration.

A common mistake that most crafters make with their first logo design is to try it on their own without knowing its importance  and the things that make a great a logo.


If your logo has vague similarities to a widely-recognised logo, you risk earning the reputation of not having enough expertise to be creative – a common trait expected to crafters.


Be very careful of copying, either deliberately or subconsciously, other brands. Having a logo too similar to someone else, especially a competitor, will both devalue your design and make you forgettable to your audience. The purpose of a logo is to make your brand stand out in the crowd, so differentiate yourself from the rest.

Reliance On Trends:

The danger in relying on trends is making your logo looking dated but out-of-touch as soon as the trend dies out, not to mention making you look slightly amateur. Rather than choose the popular flavour of the month, think about what makes a logo timeless. For example, the current logo of Coca-Cola (shown below) has been around since 1885, yet still has not become dated compared to its main competition.

Poor Font Choice And Too Many Fonts:

Choose your fonts carefully because it can make or break a logo. Make sure that it fits in well with the kind of impression your craft business want to create. Avoid fonts that are hard to read or look amateurish.  It’s not a good idea, either, to try to mix and match fonts within a logo. Also try to avoid choosing logos that look similar to Microsoft Word Art.

Search for new font styles or you may buy one from the internet and customize it. Play with fonts until you find the right one. You can check fonts available online.

Use Of Clipart or Stock Images:

Clipart is simply taking the easy way out for most crafters. Using readymade artworks won’t give a unique impact to your craft business’ logo.

As with using clip-arts, stock vector graphics can be easily found and they don’t look good when used. Remember that a logo should be originally designed using Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and other vector graphics program. Make your own vector graphics and do not make raster images.

Pixelated Logo:

Using pixelated images is likely to lead to headaches. Design software that use raster images won’t allow you to enlarge your image without it becoming pixelated, nor will you be able to post it on a web background colour without first changing it to a .PNG file. Instead opt for vector graphics that maintain consistency across varying mediums. A vector graphic is able to be enlarged to any size that can be printed (such as Etsy banners, craft show banners, business cards, etc) and it still maintains its original crisp type and artwork.

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