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Everyone who has participated in craft shows know how incredibly difficult it can be to deal with certain customers.

How-To-Deal-With-Difficult-Customers-During-Craft-ShowsEven the friendliest person has that bad day where the next customer who approaches is going to end up in a sleeper hold. It happens to the best of us but by identifying the culprits and laying out a game plan for coping with them, you can save your best moves for these customers.

Tips for Facing Tough Customers:

  1. Be patient and tolerant: Properly greet your customers. If your customer is already mad, irritated, or complaining, it will not help if you argue with them. You may lose the loyalty of your customers if you let the situation get out of hand with you losing control of your unwanted emotions.
  2. Let the customer voice out and listen: Just go along with what your customer is going through, your customer is looking for someone who will listen, recognize, and understand his/her problem. Maintain a concerning eye to your customer. Show that you are attending to his/her issue by showing proper posture and not stooping around as it visually makes you look like that you do not care. Do not ever cross your arms as this shows that you are not listening and open minded. Let your customer vent out and be attentive. Affirm to your customer that you are listening.
  3. Show you care for your customer: Your customer’s feelings will subside if you show concern for them. Always keep your facial expression in a sincere, acknowledging, and concerned manner. Your attitude towards the situation can be shown through your voice, expression, and body language. Your customer would not reply more to what you are saying but to how you express them.
  4. When your customer attempts to put you off, be patient and ask him/her what you can do to help with the issue. This kind of question would get straight to the point of the issue and not let you and your customer’s time be wasted.
  5. Never blame your customer or your business: Do not ever think that it is you or your business who is to be blamed for your store’s policy. Always try to clarify what mistakes were made in an indirect approach and continue to explain your store’s policy.
  6. Try to settle the issue, or call for back-up: Never ever say to your customer that it is not your duty to handle their problem. Do not just direct them the way to other people for help but already gather the information that you would need from them. Tell them that you will get the customer care for them or escort them personally to customer care.
  7. Always ask your customer first how he/she would want the issue to be fixed before you offer your solutions. If possible, offer choices if they would prefer to speak to a higher authority, or let you continue on resolving their issue.

Now that you’ve got the skills to deal with difficult annoying customers, dealing with other difficult customers should be a breeze. Keep it up, and you’re well on your way to the customer service hall of fame!

If you think we missed something on the list, please let us know in the comment box below.

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