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Do you want to build an online store? We all know that it takes more than just a simple website and beautiful products for people to discover your handmade business and start talking about it.

How To Create An Online Store In Less Than 10 Minutes With TicTailYou need a community!

If you were browsing around Buzzfeed you might have come across to this ecommerce platform called

TicTail is a European website builder with a lot of US sellers. And it’s free too! Its basic feature set is free to use. No monthly fees, no restrictions like limited number of products or bandwidth, no checkout fees. Using PayPal and

Stripe is free on Tictail’s end, however, standard PayPal and Stripe fees may apply.

According to an Etsy seller named Cynna who tried Tictail:
“I have a shop with sales. Limited number of templates, all free and modern, but you can get into the code a bit and they show you how. There is a market to promote your shop, but sales via the market are 10% I think. You also have a custom shop. Easy simple listing process, lots of photos, but no import function. Takes PP and Stripe. More artisan focused than manufacturing, but it is a standalone, so sell stuff from your closet or whatever. Apps are available but not needed to run the shop. They cost. The only thing you may want to pay for is to get your domain hooked up there. I just redirect mine. I pair it with a blog. There is nothing but the shop/cart and about page. You can add links and other page via code. Shipping is not really flexible but you can adjust to it.”

Looking at their website, you can see that they have the basic features when setting up an online store such as:

  1. Creating your own custom domain
  2. Adding unlimited amount of products
  3. Receiving access to an unlimited amount of bandwidth space
  4. Connecting to your social media pages
  5. Setting country, currency and tax
  6. Managing orders and products easily
  7. Creating discounts for customers
  8. Creating a store with a mobile responsive interface
  9. Gaining access to hundreds of apps to improve how your store works

If you are wondering how you can build your dream online store, please watch this video below by Raab Journal:


Have you tried TicTail? What do you think of this ecommerce platform? Please let us know in the comments.

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