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Looking for easy-to-use tool to help you create images for your Facebook page? Well, you’re on the right track!

How To Create Graphics For Facebook Fan PageLook at it this way:

  1. Facebook marketing allows you to instantly reach over 1.5 billion people in whatever niche(s) you may be in.
  2. Many studies conducted proved that Facebook marketing increase sales and user engagement, allowing you to drive more traffic and therefore more sales
  3. 80% of customers prefer to connect to brands via Facebook – simply, Facebook is the perfect place to promote any products and services.

Without strong images (cover, timeline, ads, profile, welcome page, etc.) that will help you brand your handmade business’ fan page, it will remain a no-man’s land.

That’s right.

One of the toughest parts of running a Facebook page is creating graphics that fit in the timeline. Sure, Photoshop can help you with that but if the idea of using it makes your head spin or hiring a graphic designer isn’t an option, there are many easy-to-use, low-cost alternatives available to create Facebook graphics.

That’s why I’m excited today to tell you about this software called Online Fan Page Designer.

What Is Online Fan Page Designer?

Fan Page Designer will help you brand your fanpage with powerful covers, coupons and more. It will also improve your ability to create great graphics that will make your business page look a lot more professional – and you can expect floods of likes coming to your Facebook page.

How It Works

There are things to consider in making a professional Facebook Fan Page:

  1. First you need to figure out what the best image ratio is for cover images.
  2. Secondly you need to think about which are the best fonts for these and then find (hopefully not steal) vector images, patterns, logos and other graphics to make your fanpages stand out.
  3. Third, you need to come up with innovative designs (coupons, ads, etc) that can draw visitors to trust your brand and actually buy stuff from you.

These things are automatically taken into consideration when using the software.

Check this video tutorial to see how this software works for your Facebook fan page graphics:

With over 1,500,000,000 users (1.5 billion), there is no shortage of customers waiting to purchase your handmade products on Facebook.

If there is other easy graphic software you use for Facebook, please post the URLs in the comments. And, share your ideas about how you use it.

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