3 Tips For Finding The Cheapest Craft Supplies

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So you like to make crafts. Now, you’re wondering…

craft-supplies-tipsWhere do I find cheap craft supplies? How can I save money on craft supplies?

The most important things to remember if you want to save money on craft supplies are planning and time. Compare the basic prices of the craft supplies you use. Yes, that’s the basic thing to do especially if you are just beginning a new craft. If you know what everyday prices are, you know what a good discount will be.

To start with, check our list of online stores to compare the prices and get the cheapest craft supplies.

If you want to save more, here are some tips for you:

Clearance Sale!

Take note of the clearance sections of your favorite craft stores.

These areas will often feature craft materials related to holiday seasons. Christmas craft supplies will be cheaper after Christmas, and you can store up early for the next holiday to return. Of course, this strategy works for more than just Christmas crafts. You can find great out of season discounts for any holiday or occasion.

Other Craft Supply Sources

Think about other stores aside from craft stores and you’ll see that prices are way cheaper. Depending on the craft supplies you need, consider looking at a home improvement store, office supply store, or large discount department stores. Another great place to look for items you can use in your craft projects is the dollar store.

Join A Crafting Club Or Organization

Meeting other crafters allows you to get new ideas on where to get the cheapest craft supplies, and even make a swap with excess supplies.

These groups can be found online such as the Etsy Teams and locally through the craft stores.

Also, you will have leftover materials that you won’t ever use. So do a swap with someone else. Swapping is also great way to save on many craft supplies, because everyone has extra supplies leftover from time to time.

Make this possible by holding a craft ‘swap’ party or use social networks to arrange a swap. There is a dedicated Facebok group or page to swap craft materials here.

Share Your Interest

Collaborate with your other peers who are interested in purchasing craft supplies. This way, you should be able to obtain shipping discounts often available on large orders and you can also take advantage of the benefits of buying in bulk. You can enjoy low prices on high volume purchases of craft supplies by going in on them with other people who share your interests.

Hopefully, this will help you to keep costs low, and creativity high!

If you think we missed something on how to save on craft supplies, please let us hear your thoughts.

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