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Smart content marketing can be of crucial importance for a small business. You need a way to stand out and a good marketing strategy can help your business thrive.

Content Marketing Trends for Small Businesses to Try in 20192019 is set to bring exciting trends for content marketing and we are ready to embrace them. Get ahead of your competition and read below on what you should focus on in content marketing during the next year.

Video Marketing
The video format is predicted to be the future of content marketing.

Justin Lee in his article on Hubspot states that “Video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019.” Nonetheless, in the next year, the focus on video content will be one of the top priorities.

Most marketers advocate for video content since it opens a large number of possibilities and different types of promotions.

Video streaming is a particular trend which will have our attention in the upcoming year. This technique has proved to be a success because the live broadcasts allow the audience to see the transparency of the business.

Personalized Content
What people rely on the most when choosing any type of service is feedback. That is why providing feedback information to the customers will have increased value.

When people share information about your business on social media or on their blog use that to your advantage.

Redirect the content from users and clients to your own content marketing.

If you’re having trouble to reorganize the feedback and implement it in your content, try to use online tools such as Readable, Online Writers Rating, and Agorapulse. Also, make sure that your content is proofread and error-free, in which case Grammarly, Essay Supply, and Reverso Speller can help you out.

Instant Messengers
The broad use of tools such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and WhatsApp has raised the question of how can that be used to benefit the small business’s content marketing strategy.

“After stepping over 200 million users, Telegram is becoming one of the most discussed tools that are used in modern marketing,” shares Alex Bordetsky, a marketer at Get Good Grade and startup owner.

In 2019 be prepared to rely on these tools in order to change the principles of online promotion.

The ways to use them in your business are:

  1. Attract new target audience by creating channels for distribution of important content
  2. Introduce chatbots for automated sales funnels
  3. Provide quick and efficient technical support and consultations for your clients

Interaction with the Clients
As more people realize the benefits of being an independent worker, the number of small businesses are growing.

There is no better way to appeal to the audience and ensure their loyalty than to speak to them directly.

By interacting with your clients through your content you will show them how important they are to you.

“The ultimate goal in any marketing strategy, including content marketing, is to create a connection with the audience and the best way to do that is to make interactive content,” explains James Daily, the head of the content department at Flash Essay.

Social Media
We can never emphasize enough how important social media is for the content distribution.
If there are any of you small business owners who haven’t yet embarked on social media journey, by 2019 you will have no choice.

“It is the quickest and most efficient way to get the word out about your business,” that is how Christopher K. Mercer, a digital marketer and founder of Citatior explains the social media craze.

You can choose which platform is the best for your business and whether you will benefit more from visual content on Instagram or thought-provoking posts on Twitter. Use as many platforms as you want in order to reach out to a larger number of people.

Guest Blogging
Blogging is certainly one of the favorite strategies in content marketing.

However, in the upcoming year, the focus will shift towards guest blogging. Share the word about your business by hosting guest bloggers.

Jane McDowell, a marketer at Resumes Centre and blog owner claims that if your readers see that you are willing to take your time and invest the attention in your online content by including other bloggers they will believe you will do the same and more when it comes to your services.

Even if you don’t have a successful company blog, you can still take advantage of this trend.

Contact some relevant sites in your industry and offer to guest blog. It is a great way to get their audience interested in your business.

Advancement and Originality
One of the most valuable trends will always be innovation. No matter for which strategy you go for, make sure that you are authentic.

There is not a trend in the world that can help you if you are not willing to invest your creative energy in the content creation process.

Never stop to advance your content marketing strategies and always be on the lookout for new ideas.

It is important that you keep up to date with upcoming content marketing trends so that you can adapt to them and use them for the benefit of your business. The above-mentioned tips will certainly come in handy and get you prepared for finding new customers and gaining their loyalty.

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