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Artists and crafters know that the colors they choose or omit are important ingredients in their works.

How-To-Choose-The-Right-Colors-For-Your-Craft-ProjectsSo why are colors important to crafters?

Just the way colors are important to your brand image, it’s also important to study them before using them on your craft projects. It’s because people are going to buy your product if its colors appeal to them.

They might see colors in shops and catalogs, recognize them and are attracted to them, possibly because of the familiarity.

If you make wearable items such as jewelry or scarves, your customers are probably looking for pieces to compliment their wardrobe so you do need to become familiar with the color trends and make sure that you do have at least a portion of your line in that palette.

Here are some things to consider when selecting a color scheme for any project:

  1. What is the project? – If you’re making it as a gift for someone, does that person have a favorite color? If so, try to fit it into the project, along with some complimentary colors.
  2. What is the occasion? – If a holiday is coming up such as Christmas or Valentines’ Day, use its colors in your craft projects. If it is for a wedding, following the wedding’s color motif adds a sentimental touch. For a baby shower, the standard boy (light blue), girl (pink) and gender neutral (pastel green and yellow) colors are appropriate.
  3. What are the color trends of the season? – Check the color trends of the season. If you attend craft shows, be sure to bring the palette along and use it as a guide for purchasing your supplies. The palette should be part of your booth display as well because retailers will be impressed that you have planned your line around what will sell best in their shops and that will increase your sales.
  4. What is the theme of the project? – Is it a nature item, or something in a futuristic theme? Using colors that are closely related with a project’s theme is a nice, safe approach.
  5. Where will you display the finished product? – If it’s an item for your house, or for a close friend or family members, ask them to check their place for color ideas. If you’re creating items for sale, do some research about common colors that people use to decorate in their house.
  6. Use another piece for inspiration. If you’ve seen something in a store, online, on television, or anywhere else that had an interesting color scheme, try using it in a project. Interior design shows are a good place to look for unusual color concepts.
  7. Experiment. Mixing warm and cool colors is a great way to choose a color palette. For instance, you may choose one warm, one cool and one neutral color. For example, yellow (warm), aqua (cool) and gray (neutral) make a beautiful combination.

That’s it for now.

How about you? How has color trend influenced your craft business in the past year? As always, you’re invited to comment below.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and observations on this.

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