Advanced SEO Tips For Entrepreneurs That You Have Not Heard Before

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Do you want to learn new SEO tips that are not redundant and probably you have never heard before?

Advanced SEO TipsGoogle and its algorithm is dynamic. The rules and SEO techniques that helped you in 2018 might not be useful in the present year. To stay on top of the SERPs, you need to constantly adapt and improvise.

Here are some advanced seo tips that will help you whether you’re an Etsy seller or you have your own website:

Schema Markup

This might be the first time you hear this but leveraging schema markup is great to add in your strategies this year. So what is schema markup? These are the reviews and star ratings that you see when you’re doing a search. How can you use it? If you’re using WordPress, you can just check out the Yoast SEO plugin. It’ll allow you to do schema markup with just a few simple clicks. It’s easy to do, don’t worry.. And that way you don’t have to learn a single thing about coding.

Your Most Popular Pages

One of the best strategy that I’ve tried is overhauling my most popular pages. It doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul but you can start adding more elements and information to the present content. See, content marketing is a big hit or miss game. You create a lot of webpages, a lot of content pages. Some get a ton of traffic, and others don’t. And you may be asking yourself why. The links, I did all the best packs to all of my pages. But why are some doing better than others? Well, a lot of times you just won’t have the answer. But what you can do, is you take your most popular pages and expand them.

Support Other Pages Or Listings (Etsy)

Send link juice to lower ranked pages or the listings that don’t get much sales. As I mentioned with the previous step, you have some pages that naturally do well, and some that don’t do as well. Well, the ones that don’t, go to all of your other pages that are doing well and internal link to the ones that aren’t. And see if that helps boost them up. What you’ll find is over time, those pages that aren’t ranking that well will start climbing higher and higher again.

Power Of Infographics

I am not saying that you just leverage any infographics. I want you to leverage advanced animated infographics. Have you ever seen the infographics on how to make scented candles, or handmade soaps? They’re animated by integrating gifs within your infographic they’re much more likely to go viral. And you’re gonna get way more backlinks.

Collaborate With Experts

The reason roundup posts are really good, and no one does this. I don’t know why. They used to be more popular three or four years ago, but they still work. Let’s say you’re writing an article on scented candle making tips, or handmade soap tips from 10 experts. By emailing all of these experts and getting them to participate, they’re not only likely to share your article on the social web, but they’re also likely to link back to that article and help promote it.

Entrepreneurs want to get easily found by their target audience however, only a few use the right SEO techniques. That’s why you need to constantly keep up with the latest trends in the world of SEO to stay ahead of your competition.

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