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Are you looking for advantageous booth preparations and practical event processes?

9 Successful Habits Of Craft Show ExhibitorsPerhaps you are new to the world of craft show vending, or perhaps you are a well-seasoned vendor. Each show can present new challenges and learning to “roll with it” is not always as easy as it sounds.

Talking about your business and dealing with the public for many hours really can be exhausting. Many sellers or potential vendors express concern because they see themselves as introverts, so this side of vending is really hard for them.

But do any show you can!

Whether you are participating in upcoming craft shows or just want to expand your knowledge, watch this video below for tips on how to:

  1. exhibit successfully – you can’t just show up
  2. pre-show planning and promotions
  3. positioning your value in 10-15 seconds
  4. finding real prospects & qualify your leads
  5. maximizing your time and effectiveness
  6. effective use of giveaways
  7. follow-up: making your show leads pay off
  8.  … and More!

The Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce hosted “9 Successful Habits of Tradeshow Exhibitors.” The seminar was co-presented by Black Diamond Associates, LLC’s Mary Owens and current Brandon Chamber Chair, and Service With Style and Copper Bell Cafe – Riverview’s Darren Denington.

Check this video and prepare to learn new things:

Remember whatever event you are doing, always go with a positive attitude, learn from it and SMILE at all times.

And don’t forget to let us know what you learn or think about the seminar video in the comment box below. Oh and the very best of luck.

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