7 Incredible Craft Blogs You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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We are all aware of just how big the niche of crafting is. It’s vast and sweeping, so much so, that it is impossible to ever experience every aspect of it.

Here are 7 incredible craft blogs you’ve probably never heard of but will amaze you:

1. A Beautiful Mess


a beautiful messA beautiful mess site is managed by the DIY experts-sisters Elsie and Emma have a whole support team behind their blog. They have a great Facebook fan page too. There are DIYs for days—and years—along with recipes, fashion makeover stories and beauty tutorials. If strictly DIY is what you’re after, you can find the goods in projects like telephone bookends, a burned wood salad bowl and horse pillows with 3-D manes.

2. Chic Steals

chic stealsChic Steals blog’s owner is Carly J Cais. She is a self-taught DIY maven – making her own clothing and accessories since she was 9.She has been adding DIY tutorials, styling tips, ideas, and get-the-look-for-less postings (as well as outfit posts here and there, runway show coverage, interviews, and general fashion news).

3. Lovely Indeed

lovelyindeedChelsea’s blog called Lovely Indeed started out as a way to organize her wedding DIY projects. It continued as a destination for creative photobooth wall ideas and adorable home accents like air plant cups, paper mache bowls and leather passport holders.

4. Hands Occupied


The Hands Occupied blog is managed by Heidi. Hands Occupied has become a DIY & lifestyle blog primarily focused on craft project tutorials, knitting & crochet, DIY inspiration, style guides and tips. Whether it’s a first time knitting project or simply incorporating DIY elements into your home decor, Hands Occupied is here to help you infuse your busy life with a little DIY.

5. Henry Happened

henryhappenedHenry Happened is a blog by Stephanie, aka Henry’s mom. It is her mission to help make your life more beautiful and healthy by sharing resources, recipes and projects that transform how you look and feel from the inside out. Browse some yummy recipes, find fun home spa ideas, or check out the DIY Gallery.

6. P.S. – I Made This

psimadethisP.S I Made This is a blog by Erica Domesekand it is churning out DIY projects like no one’s business, except hers. Each how-to comes with an inspirational collage that’s easily worth a spot on your prized pinboard. Fashion and accessories – like iridescent slip-ons and crystal cat headbands – take center stage, but there’s substantial food and lifestyle love, too – like truffle dessert kabobs and gemstone candle toppers.

7. Jaderbomb

jaderbombJaderbomb is all about color, fun and making people happy with her crafts. The scope of types, need expertise, and sheer volume of projects cater to the spectrum of DIY-ers. Apart from DIY, she has an interesting Pinterest page.

While this collection of incredible craft blogs is here to amaze us, you can also get more inspiration from Pinterest users and craft magazines we love.

That’s it for now. Let us know in the comments if you have discovered any hidden gems in the online world of crafting. Happy crafting!

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