7 Easy Ways To Stay Positive At A Disappointing Craft Show

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Are you participating in a craft fair soon? Are you wondering what you can do in case it goes slow?

7 Easy Ways To Stay Positive At A Disappointing Craft ShowIf you sell at enough craft fairs you’re likely to experience a disappointing one soon or later. It happens to all of us.

There are many factors that can make or break a craft fair–from the weather, to the type of crowd, to the types of products you choose to bring.

So here are some of advice for you to survive a disappointing craft show:

1. Keep The Good Vibes

Maintaining a positive attitude will help attract at least a few customers. If shoppers walk by your table and see you looking upset it will keep them from stopping to browse.

Smile and start a conversation with everyone because you never know who you’ll meet. Boutique owners, bloggers, and other people you might want to work with have been known to frequent craft fairs.

Even if you don’t have sales that day you could still make an important connection!

2. Connect With Other Artists

Use the time to network. You’re surrounded by other crafty exhibitors, so why not have a chat about cross-promotions, collaborations, and more. The benefits that come from connections you make might just make it a successful show after all.

3. Give Out Business Cards

Even if a craft fair was not good for you that particular day, give out lots of business cards. It may lead to online sales or future opportunities.

Try to give everyone who stops at your booth a card, button, postcard, etc.- any promotional materials you have to make them remember you and your handmade items.

4. Do Something!

When a craft fair seems to be going slow, walk around and hand out 10% off entire purchase coupons. Everyone loves a discount!

5. Create Stuff

Always bring a little project to work on while you’re at the show. It will keep you occupied and help the time go by more quickly. Shoppers are also more likely to stop at your booth and ask questions about what you’re making and your process, which could lead to a sale!

6. Learn From the Experience

Not every show works for every business. Think about and analyze what caused it to be a disappointing event for you. Was it a variable like bad weather at an outdoor show that might be different next year?

Was it bad because it was poorly planned by the organizers? Or did you make some small mistakes while preparing that you can remedy for next time? Use your judgement- if an event was not profitable or successful for your business in any way don’t do it again!

7. Maintain Positive Attitude

Be pleasant to keep future doors open, even if you have no intention of walking through some of them. Think of it as “planting seeds” that may grow into something bigger, sometimes bad shows have led to other gigs, so try to be hopeful.

That’s it. How about you? How do you stay productive in a disappointing craft show? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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