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If you’re in the handmade business world you’ve probably heard a lot of horrific disaster stories during craft shows such as glass cases blown away, jewelry got washed down the drain, and many more!

How To Protect Your Craft Show Booth Against Bad WeatherThe two biggest culprits? Wind and rain.

Make sure your craft booth design is a layout that can be adjusted in case the weather gets rough, such as heavy rain.

For instance, if you have a jewelry display that doesn’t bode well with windy conditions, then you should have an alternative display option ready.

You don’t want all your selling time to go to waste because you don’t know what to do in the case of bad weather.

So what you can do?

When it comes to preparing your craft booth for an outdoor craft fair, it can be easy to forget about preparing for the wind. If it’s a blustery day, then the weather can affect your craft booth design and your displays (or your neighbor’s displays!).

You can easily combat the wind by ensuring that the tent is solidly weighed down on all four corners. It’s even a great idea to make your own weights in order to hold down your table covers and signage.

This will ensure that your booth is safe and still easy to browse. There are tons of ideas for DIY weights for your craft booth and these are a few of our favorite easy projects:

  1. Crochet Tablecloth Weights – This tutorial is simple and the perfect tablecloth weight.
  2. Striped Drawstring Pouch – Make a drawstring pouch to both house and disguise your weights.
  3. Yarn Wrapped Pattern Weights – Simply use your leftover yarn in order to decorate some handy weights.

In case of rain and storms, add a waterproof sealant to your tent fabric or you can pack a plastic tarp to line the inside of your booth with. This will help protect your tent and your merchandise from heavy rainfall.

If you find yourself with a muddy floor for your tent booth, then you can try interlocking foam pads to cover your ground. This can work better than hay or a rug, and you simply hose off the pads once you’re done with the show.

The pads can be especially helpful if you find the legs of your displays are sinking into the muddy ground.

In addition to protecting your merchandise and your tent, you should remember yourself when it comes to a rainy craft fair. Pack yourself an extra set of clothes such as a rain jacket and boots in case it gets muddy.

That’s it. How about you? How do you protect your craft booth against sudden weather changes?

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  1. So glad to see weights mentioned. I go to too many shows were the artists don’t use weights and it makes me and other artists very nervous. Wind gusts can come out of nowhere and send tents (especially Ez-Ups) flying. In addition to the suggestions above, I would also add some kind of lighting. Bring some battery-operated lanterns or use a battery charger to run electric lights. Rainy weather adds a lot of gloom to the interior of tents especially if you have your walls on.

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