6 Biggest Mistakes Handmade Sellers Make In Business

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“To make mistakes is human, but to profit from them is divine.” – Elbert Hubbard, The American Bible

6-Biggest-Mistakes-Handmade-Sellers-Make-In-BusinessMost handmade business owners make mistakes and these common marketing mistakes could be keeping your business from reaching its full potential. However, if you identify these things, you might be able to gain something from it.

So what are these mistakes and what you can do to correct them?

1. Combined Personal And Business Bank Account

Combining bank accounts is a terrible practice because it causes financial confusion. You need to have a very clear picture of your business, including, actual cash flow and expenses. Mixing it all together may seem simpler, but really-not so much.

2. No Work Inspiration

You might wonder what this is, but if you are having a hard time selling your craft items, in a lot of cases, it’s probably because you haven’t found your right client base. The basis of being solid in your overall brand is to design with your ideal client in mind.

3. Don’t Know How To Price Your Crafts

Most craft sellers are selling their pieces slightly over cost and adding a tiny bit of labor as their markup. You might think you are doing yourself a service because maybe people are buying it: because it’s cheap. Listen; if you are serious about having a business and make money, you need to learn how to price your handmade items like a professional.

4. Bad Craft Photography

This mistake is very common to most handmade sellers. Having great photos is the first gateway to get a buyer to notice your work. Enough said. If you can’t afford to hire a pro, learn to do it yourself.

5. Not Ready For Craft Shows

You might enter a series of craft shows and spend $10,000 in craft show fees. You were hoping that it would be the answer to increasing your sales. That might help but some sellers’ expenses skyrocketed. Walk the show or ask others who have done the show before what to expect. Research all of the costs associated with setting up your craft booth, traveling out of town and the time away from your business and your family. In general, you need to be making 5-10 times the trade show fees to make it worth the expense.

6. No Goals Set

Setting goals is very important for your business. Even if the goal is to sell 5 pairs of handmade gloves this week, set a goal. Then put inspired action behind it. If you need to sell 5 pairs of handmade gloves do everything you need to in order to sell the gloves.
Are you making any of these mistakes? Your challenge is to start changing these bad habits because that is all they are.

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