5 Things You Need To Know About Instagram Algorithm

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The Instagram Algorithms are constantly changing & evolving. Want to know what the changes mean for marketers?

5 Things You Need To Know About Instagram AlgorithmInstagram uses a variety of factors to surface quality and relevant material to other users in the Instagram community. In addition to a brand-new logo, Instagram has rolled out updates to its ad products, video features, and news feed algorithm.

1. Post Relevance

We’re not sure exactly how the algorithm will choose what content that appears at the top of your feed – whether they will pull from photos you like, profiles you’ve lurked, or videos on which you’ve commented. What we do know is that the machine-learning algorithm will factor in the likelihood a person will be interested in a video or photo, the time the picture was posted, and the relationship between the two users.

2. Video Length Increased

Ready to share longer videos on Instagram? In case you haven’t heard, Instagram rolled out an increased time limit for videos from 15 to 60 seconds in April. Most users should have this capability with the latest version of the app.

You can shoot your quick DIY tutorials directly from the Instagram app or use your photo library. Features allow you to add filters, turn off the sound, and choose the cover photo.

3. Number Of Video Views

Now you can find out how many people are viewing your videos on Instagram. Simply look at the view count below each of your videos.

Find out fast how many people viewed your videos. When you click on your number of views, you’ll get to see the number of likes, along with the option to follow those who liked your video.

It’s easy to find out more about your viewers, as well as determine reach and engagement.

This may give you an idea of the amount of reach you’re getting versus engagement. So if you see that hundreds of people viewed a video, but only a handful liked it, you can assume that it didn’t resonate well with your audience. If you have hundreds of views and hundreds of likes, however, you have a winning video.

4. Instagram Ads

With Instagram’s new algorithms, brands will finally be forced to think about strategy and how they can create higher quality, targeted content to specifically engage their targeted audiences. This starts by understanding those audiences, which should come as a breath of fresh air to all of us consumers.

When someone taps once on your ad photo, it brings up your call to action. You can let users click through to your website or app, depending on what you configured when setting up your Instagram ad.

5. Notifications

Celebrities and businesses are nervous that their respective followers might not see as many of their posts anymore, so they are asking followers to turn on notifications in the app, ensuring they’re still alerted to updates at all hours and every time a user posts a new photo.

How about you? What have you noticed with the latest Instagram algorithm update? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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