5 Inspirations To Make Your Products Gift-able For The Holidays

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Are you looking for inspirations to make shoppers pick your products for this gift-sharing season?

5-inspirations-to-make-your-products-gift-able-for-the-holidays-1Add a festive feeling to your shop and reach shoppers looking for the perfect gift with these awesome handmade business inspirations.

But before you get inspired, I want you to know these two important things on how to make your products gift-worthy.

First, put your products together in a set. Sets can take some of the work out of gift buying for a customer. In my personal experience, my friend Ganessa is raving about those make up sets released by Too Faced. I checked them out and their set and packaging was awesome!

We find that gift sets sell very well during the holiday, noting that a lead photo of the complete set is vital. With price range in mind, you can figure out what the best way to put together a set for your target customer. It’s smart to reassess for the holiday season and try to make it more of a grab-and-go price. Maybe that just means putting fewer items in your set, but always look at what your best sellers are and see what has sold over the last month or so.

Secondly, offering gift wrap saves your customers time and makes it easy for them to imagine giving your item as a gift. You can add an optional gift wrap fee to cover the cost of your materials by using variations.

So don’t forget to prepare all of your supplies before holiday orders start coming in – including extra wrapping paper and gift tags. Have more than you think you need. The last thing you want to do is say no because you’re not ready.

Now that you got that, here are a few inspiration on how to apply those principles into your business:

1. Box Fox


Box Fox allows you to build your own box in minutes with their easy shopping layout. Assemble just the right alchemy of goods for holiday, weddings, or special events with just a few clicks. If you’re looking for a quick go-to, they also offer a selection of pre-packed, themed boxes.

2. Gratitude Collaborative


Gratitude Collaborative offers specialized gifting services and customized boxes stocked with artisan goods and seasonal musts. The proceeds of every sale go to charity, fueling local nonprofits working to create sustainable food sources, feed the hungry, and advocate the arts. From sweet nothings in the way of flowers and boutique wines to gourmet chocolate and luxe bath soaks, the company prides itself on a high level of customization, insisting no request is too small.

3. Old Joy Gift Boxes


Old Joy Gift Boxes is a Canadian company that offers ethically sourced luxury goods from within the Pacific Northwest in their beautifully curated creations. By supporting local artisans, the selection is wildly distinctive and often includes handmade essentials.

4. Simone LeBlanc


Simone LeBlanc offers fine gift boxes and specialty gifting services, both custom and personalized. Her curated collections include both collaborations with top tastemakers and distinctive holiday editions. What’s more, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, the company will make it for you personally.

5. Vessel Brooklyn


Vessel Brooklyn offers gift box selection is impeccably driven, packed with small batch luxury items and personal details hand-selected by Burns-Alexander. Vessel also offers experiential gifts, allowing boxes to include anything from a romantic getaway to intimate date night. Highly customizable, the staff will collaborate with you through multiple revisions just to ensure every detail is covered.

So now you’re ready for the holidays. How do you prepare your shop for the holidays? Let us know in the comments.

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