How to Make Your Products More Gift-Worthy – According To Top Etsy Sellers

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When shopping for gifts, we all want to buy our loved ones something special and thoughtful that seems to be made just for them. In addition to coming to Etsy for everyday items, shoppers often turn to find original gifts.

How to Make Your Products More Gift-Worthy - According To Top Etsy SellersEven if your shop doesn’t serve primarily as a gift destination, adding some ready-to-gift offerings to your product mix can help you reach new customers. To help shoppers decide that your item is the perfect gift, it’s a good idea to know the basic principles to make your shop offerings stand out as gift-worthy with these tips straight from your favorite Etsy sellers.

Share Your Story

Etsy shoppers would love to know the person behind those awesome products. To help you craft an interesting biography for your About page, consider answering these questions about yourself:

  1. Why do you love what you do?
  2. How did you learn to do what you do?
  3. What does your craft mean to you?

Describe Your Product

Etsy shoppers also enjoy learning the intricate, juicy details of the items they’re about to buy. So what shoppers most want to know about the item they’re buying?

  1. How is it made?
  2. What is it made from?
  3. What makes it special?

It’s Fun For The Customer – and you!

Kirsten Marie from DeliriousBlueJewelry

“My boxes are all made from recycled paper (magazine pages, old books, newspaper ads, etc.). They are pretty simple to make and very inexpensive. They do take some time, but I tend to make them in large quantities while I’m watching a movie or TV show. That way there is always one on hand when I need it. And because the look is different from box to box, it’s fun for the customer.”

Opens New Opportunities

Purvi Desai from ZaainaSkincare

“The best way would be to pack the products in an unique way which is more appealing and draws attention. Ever since I started packing many of my products differently, the whole new door opened for me which was wedding market. Now, I work with many brides and event planners to offer my products along with customized packaging. I pack all of my products in a way which are gift able, so when the customer receives it they like the way it is packaged. But by offering more customized packaging makes the products more reachable.”

June from isewcute

“I make my items gift-able with cute packaging & personal greetings/personalized notes upon request. Once I started offering personalized name & initial jewelry, I noticed more people buying my items as gifts rather than purchases for themselves alone. I think I need to tap into the wedding area more though.”

More Gift Set Tips

Melanie McDougal from BloomWorkshop

“What I found works is to photograph your item(s) pretty box or whatever the packaging is that will be included. I feel like this makes it seem more easily recognizable as a gift. I also include gift like words in the title and tags.”

Cari from CoquetteBath

“For my product category, a gift set has always been a ‘go to’. I’ve tried them a few times before here but haven’t ever gained much traction. Last year, I did some soap gift sets, though, in a theme that did far better than before. So I’m going to try them again, plus add in some ‘pamper’ sets and see what happens. Packaging costs have to be reasonable and custom packaging is just not feasible. So that’s been my issue so far. I may also do a giftwrap offer (for a fee) in my shop for those who don’t want to do anything but put something under a tree!”

Sabrina Evans from TheSleepyCottage

“A large portion of my sleep masks are purchased as gifts. The sleep masks that I make are useful, fun, affordable, personalized and ‘one size fits all’ I wrap every order as if it were a gift and I am happy to include notes. I have some regular customers that come to me whenever the need is there and they can trust that I will make it special. I am lucky to have a product that suits a wide range of occasions and enjoy creating custom designs as well.”

Theresa from PrairieIce

“I put my jewelry in pretty silver organza drawstring pouches. I include my business card with a ribbon tied to one corner and I write a personal note (including a “return customer” coupon code) on the back of the card. Gives the item an attractive, personal touch that is very inexpensive.”

These tips from Etsy sellers are a great way to end a positive sales experience. It can also prompt buyers to leave feedback for you, which will help your future sales.

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