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Now we have covered the 80/20 rule, what can we learn from the habits of successful people, and how can we can emulate them?

4 Habits Of Successful PeopleVisualise, and think about yourself as you would really like to be, not as you are today- your ideal self!

I want to tell you about a trait that all rich people have in common and how you can learn it. The real secret of success is to find what your calling and passions are and then jump in with both feet. Do it with your whole heart.

1. Positive Thinking

Why is it that some people are incredibly positive, have positive thinking patterns, yet others don’t? Is there a secret, self-concept for success?

Successful people from around the world have been interviewed, and the one common question is, “What is it that you think, what is on your mind most of the time?”

Their answers are surprisingly simple, but always consistent, no matter where in the world they live. Their answers are profound, they can be life-changing, as they were for me…

In short, rich people ALWAYS think positively.

They are thinking about what they want, and the quickest, simplest ways to achieve it. By learning the four habits of wealthy people, you too can become very successful and perhaps faster than you could imagine.

I know these people don’t always think positive. They also have their down moments, but what makes them successful is the ability to overcomes those obstacles and chose to go back to positive thinking and move on.

The wealthiest people have what is called a very high self-concept.

2. High Self-Concept

Your self-concept is the operating system of your mind’s subconscious. It is the master programme that runs everything. Every emotion, experience, thought, decision and feeling you have ever had, are permanently hard-wired into this mental hard drive.

These impressions influence the way you feel, behave and think. From early childhood, even when you were an infant, your self-concept predicts and precedes your levels of effectiveness- in every aspect of your life.

Your self-concept explains why your personality is hugely affected by these mental laws.

If you want to be rich, you must change your self-concept, so that you think about yourself as a rich person.

Once you have formed your self-concept in a particular manner, you will always behave and act in a manner consistent with it. You may very well have an extraordinary ability, say a great painter, or maybe a handmade veteran but if you have a weak self-concept in this area, you’re having an off day or having self-doubt, you will never be able to perform to your true potential.

Pressure brings this on better than anything else, so always be aware and prepared, or you will continuously perform below your true potential.

Let’s look at some area we may have a self -concept:

  1. We have a self-concept for public speaking.
  2. We have a self- concept about our popularity.
  3. We have a self-concept for the kind of a partner or spouse we make.
  4. We have a self-concept for the parent we are.
  5. We have a self-concept for our sports performance and physical activity.
  6. We have a self- concept for how disorganised or organised we are.
  7. We have a self-concept on our time management and productivity.
  8. We have a self-concept for our ability to do mathematics or read & write.
  9. We have a self-concept of our financial wealth or lack of it.
  10. We have a self-concept for how much we earn.
  11. We have a self-concept on our career progression.

3. Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Now rich people constantly step outside their comfort zone. Whatever your self-concept, how you think, will become your comfort zone. Once your self-concept is formed, and the habit of thinking is set in a particular area, you will always act in a manner that is consistent with it – the comfort zone.

Your comfort zone without a doubt will become your single biggest obstacle to improving performance. When you get into that comfort zone, no matter what the area, unconsciously you will do whatever it takes to remain in your comfort zone.

But all is not lost…

It doesn’t matter if the comfort zone is dramatically below your true potential, capabilities and earning power are in that area.

The key is, positive thinking patterns to achieve your full potential. These are the habits almost every self-made wealthy person on the planet has, you just need to raise your self-concept by positive thinking

These habits are also related to the Pareto Principle 80/20 rule. So, you may be asking what this has got to do with the 80/20 rule…Well, this should be one of your 20%…

You need to develop these new patterns and habits of positive thinking, focusing on what is possible for you.

The way to accomplish exponentially in your outside world, is by changing the way you think and feel on your inside world. This is the key to success and to truly achieving your potential.

High Self Ideal

On the inside, rich people have a high self-ideal. This is close to ‘a perfect you’- your ideal you.

What’s the very best, ideal person, that you can be….

Your self-concept and self-ideal are made up of your hopes, your wishes, your dreams, your fantasies, and your goal for your future perfect life. Combining the virtues and qualities that you admire most in other people and yourself.

Your self-concept and self-ideal are achieved only through positive thinking, imagining the very best you can be in your chosen area. Living the best life, you could imagine living. Rich, high-achieving, happy, successful people always hold in their minds their very clear self-ideals.

They are 100% sure about what they admire, what they respect and what they like. They have a very clear ideal about the values, attributes and virtues, of the superior women and men they want to become and emulate.

Really successful people have positive thoughts and an uplifting, inspiring, vision of what someone who is truly excellent looks like, and how they behave and work within their self-concept.

You have unlimited untapped potential, you are remarkable and have amazing abilities. Engrave the 80/20 principle in your mind, and there will be no limits to what you can do, be or achieve. The only limits will be those that you impose on yourself through pessimistic or negative thinking.

You choose which road you want to take!

Take control of your self-concept by setting time aside every day for focused, positive thinking. Laying down the foundation for success will enable you to achieve and accomplish more than you ever thought possible. More than the average person would ever accomplish in their lifetime.

I hope this post helps you become more successful. If you have something to share, please let us know in the comments.

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