4 Etsy Tips You Might Have Never Heard Of

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Are you wondering what things you need to do and know more to make more money on Etsy? We have the answers for you!

4 Etsy Tips You Might Have Never Heard OfOnline marketplace Etsy is a place where you can find more than one million sellers. The majority of those businesses are without a doubt small. Also, most Etsy shops are one-person owned and most of them manage their shops full time.

If you are one of these sellers, here are things you need to know to make more money on Etsy:

1. Pricing

Price your products to make a profit after fees. Don’t forget that there are costs to pay when you are selling on Etsy.

When adding prices to your items take these right into account.

When adding price to your items on Etsy, remember to take into consideration these costs to price your item correctly to still earn a profit:

  1. There is a 20 cent listing fee for every item.
  2. There is a 3.5% deal fee. This relates to the price of the product, not the shipping.
  3. If “direct check out” is used by the shopper, you’ll be charged an extra fee based upon what country your customers live in. E.g. if your client is based in America you’ll be charged a 3% cost plus a 25 cent cost (which would certainly bring your total amount fees to 6.5% + 45 cents).
  4. If PayPal is used by a shopper, you’ll be charged a cost according to where they live in and also just how much sales you get each month. The majority of people will be charged a 2.9% charge + a 30 cent fee (bringing your overall costs to 5.4% + 50 cents).

Please don’t be scared to put a high price on your items to earn a profit. A lot of people are timid of profiting from their artwork, however they should not be – they need to boast of their productions and not hesitate to earn from Etsy.

2. Non-Crafty Sellers

You don’t need to sell handmade stuff. If you aren’t a crafty person, don’t force it! There are two significant ways that you could resource and sell items on Etsy.

  1. You could resell vintage items in yard sale, thrift shops etc.
  2. You could produce your own products by using manufacturers.

One of the simplest and the most profitable products to sell on Etsy is craft supplies. With craft supplies the guidelines are less rigorous since Etsy expects them to be manufactured and also mass-produced.

All makers have to fulfill their honest requirements. On Amazon, the prices is tough and also making use of ethical manufacturers is usually not a viable choice. However due to the fact that Etsy requires everyone use ethical makers, the typical cost each thing is higher and it makes it fair for everyone.

If you are worried about traditional production, as well as wish to focus on marketing online in an honest way, you can set Etsy as your major sales platform as you can still use ethical producers and still get a fair profit.

3. Dropshipping

You can use Dropshipping on Etsy. This is an excellent way to analyze need. This is particularly valuable with on-demand screen printing. These companies with print your designs on-demand into a tee and after that deliver it to the customer, taking care of order fulfilment for you.

It also saves you and your customers’ money from additional shipping fees. It’s a great time saver too!

This lets you focus on your art work instead of the order fulfilment. This helps you see which of your layouts are most preferred, to make sure that you could change to producing those shirts on your own in the future and also potentially meet the orders on your own.

Dropshipping is a win-win and I highly recommend it.

4. Photos

Yes you have heard this many times but there are people who needs another remind how important photos are!

Heres why:

Photos are important, and they can dramatically boost your sales.

Images are key to whatever offering platform you choose, whether that be Etsy, Amazon.com, eBay or perhaps your very own store.

Amazon have tested this. They have actually found that publishing the optimum variety of images and also guaranteeing they are handmade or high quality considerably boosts conversions.

It is recommended that you publish 5 high quality photos (the maximum you can publish for Etsy). Additionally, ensure your pictures are in between 800 to 1000 pixels in size to make sure that individuals could open up the picture and zoom in on it.

When it pertains to your thumbnail picture, have the picture of the thing on a simple white background to boost your click through rate (ctr). The item should likewise make up most of the space of the picture (at least 85%).

The rest of your photos can be various. For instance, it is nice to have a high quality picture of the product being used in its atmosphere (e.g. if you’re offering a mug it it can be seen as a picture of somebody drinking out of it).

If you want to learn more tips and make money on Etsy, check this awesome video from Wholesale Ted.

We wish you liked our suggestions for offering on Etsy and also making money on Etsy!

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