11 Ways To Make Yourself Memorable As A Seller

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Being memorable is a powerful thing especially in the handmade business world where most businesses put products in front of customers, without any sort of personal connection.

11 Ways To Make Yourself Memorable As A SellerSo how can you do it to make a lasting impression with your customers?

As a business owner, you need to make sure you are more than just the product you’re selling. You are an extension of your business.

For most people, online sellers’ names are really hard to remember. While you may remember the name of the seller you chatted with ten minutes ago, odds are, you won’t be able to recall it in five hours or five days. This is unfortunate, since remembering names is such a key component of successful selling and networking.

As a business owner, you want customers and your target audience to remember you as an amazing seller. It helps strengthen the relationship you have with them, and can directly benefit your sales numbers.

Here are 11 ways on how to make yourself memorable by this another video by Patrick Bet-David of Valuetainment:

Making yourself memorable is not complicated, but it does take extra time and effort. When you understand the importance of customer retention and loyalty, you will work harder to give your customers an experience they are not likely to forget.

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