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Have you heard of Livemaster?

livemaster-handmade-all-you-need-to-know“Is Livemaster run the same as Etsy? Their items are burning up my Pinterest feed and are lovely. I try not to pin anymore because I get over run with them. I’m sure Etsy sellers have the same things, but they don’t seem to be pushed as much. I wonder if they have a different marketing scheme or are the proprietors on their own?” – Linda Vacirca from AutumnFreckleDesigns

Most sellers in Etsy are clueless about this marketplace. So I made a little research to satisfy my curiosity as well and here’s what I found out:

Livemaster is the main marketplace for handmade items in Russia, Ukraine and CIS. It is a home for more than 2,000,000 unique items created by talented Russian artisans. This is a modern view of centuries-old traditions, mix of upgraded ethnic themes and authentic artefacts from vast territories of Russia, mysterious Siberia, each corner of the huge country with a long history and inspiring heritage.

They claim to have 7,000,000 buyers from all over the world, 1,100,000 followers on social media, and 500,000 users of iOS and android mobile apps.

With that in mind, this marketplace has a great potential in giving you wide selection of craft supplies such as brooches, fabrics, and many more.

How To Buy On Livemaster

This marketplace works the same way with popular websites such as Etsy and Ebay. You just need to add the item on your cart and then you’re good.

They also ship around the world and they accept PayPal.

You can buy unique original handmade items and artworks of every stripe on Livemaster. Their artisans sell items on their own which allows you to choose appropriate time, shipping and payment methods.

There are three groups of items:

  1. In stock – such items are in stock and ready to ship to buyers;
  2. Made to order – sellers need some time to make and send these items;
  3. Item sample – such items aren’t in stock. Before you order, ask the seller if it is possible to make an item alike.

As just you confirm your purchase, the seller receives a notification about the order. If the shop owner can’t guarantee selling any of the items you choose, he/she can decline the order. In this case you receive a notification to your email. It may happen that the item you choose is not in stock any more if someone has paid for it before you.

How To Sell On Livemaster

Every year more and more people from different countries use LIvemaster. That’s why was opened as they want to give space for people from different countries who could easily sell and buy original handmade items.

The honor to become the first sellers was given to talented Russian craftsmen who have proven to be successful sellers on Soon everyone will be able to open a shop, wherever one comes from!

Great resource. Many different sellers on one place. It’s interesting to create in different spheres, gain new knowledge and skills.

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    I am looking for the fairy cottage with snail tea cosy pattern in the English translation. I would be happy to pay for it if I can even buy it. Through Pinterest you can see the patterns however I can not figure out hoe to download in English and it is a free pattern. Can anyone assist me?

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