After 4 yrs of jewelry making and tracking my components thru Excel, I decided it was time to find a platform for it all. After researching and measuring the needs along with projected use, I landed on Craftmaker Pro.

I love the ease of the initial DL and how compatible is it no matter what type of business. Working backwards to enter all of our stock has been a chore but you can easily grab a stack and enter items fairly quickly.

There is a tiny bit of click heavy repetition with entering sizes of items that I wish was more streamlined to tab / enter thru it, but it certainly isn’t enough to turn from purchasing.

The biggest bonus is NO MONTHLY FEES! I love how broad the search engine is balancing against how you set up your categories. I haven’t checked the reporting side of it yet, that will be interesting. I love how easy it is to make changes to listings and the additional space for the description.

I have recommended the SW to a number of different artists just based alone on its flexibility.

You won’t be disappointed

Gary Capps
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