I purchased this software about two weeks ago. My daughter sells custom tumblers and other crafts and I thought I would get into pen turning and other turning crafts and team-up with her.

I have over 35 years experience as a computer programmer and web designer and thought I would write a program myself. I searched the internet to see what was available that I could “copy” and found nothing that really met our needs until I found Craft Maker Pro. No need to write my own software now!

The price was VERY reasonable compared to other software/on-line craft applications. Whether you’re experienced with computers or not the software is VERY easy to use.

I didn’t want an on-line application as many craft fairs/shows in my area do not have available internet or it’s spotty at best as many of the shows are out of doors in the spring/summer/fall.

Craft Maker Pro’s Support is second to none. I put in two tickets with general questions and received a response that answered my questions within 30 Minutes!

If you’re a crafter looking to sell your merchandise or just looking for an efficient way to keep track of inventory and costs, do yourself a favor and buy this product!

Gary Capps
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