Gmail Now Displays Images By Default & How That Helps You

Craft Maker Pro » Gmail Now Displays Images By Default & How That Helps You

If you are using an email list management provider such as Aweber, GetResponse, etc. for your online marketing campaigns, here’s a good news for you!

??????????????????????????????????????????Gmail Is No Longer Blocking Images!!!

Previously those beautiful email newsletters you created with images for your email marketing campaigns were not at its full functionality – Gmail blocked images and because many of your subscribers will have image blocking turned on by default… But not anymore!

Your email subscribers who use Gmail will now see all of your images, without having to turn them on.

So how can it help you and your handmade business email marketing?

  1. Better Tracking: This update will give you a better measurement of how many people are actually opening your message especially if you have a lot of Gmail users on your list.
  2. Better Click Through Rates & Conversions: Now that your subscribers can see your images, chances are they will be more responsive and likely to click on these images now.

Now that your images can be seen by your subscribers, here are some additional tips for you:

  1. Create an infographic to summarize some interesting stats and present information in a different, easy-to-digest way.
  2. Use an animated GIF to draw the eye with a little movement.
  3. Share a favorite cartoon relevant to handmade business (image + humor = a winning combination).
  4. Don’t forget about your logo (it’s an image, too). If you’re not already placing it somewhere visible in your messages, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to brand your emails.
  5. Images shouldn’t replace good content. Create great text and use images as enhancements.

Test before you send emails and test some more! This is to make sure that you don’t goof on your emails and turn off potential buyers.

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