What Successful Handmade Sellers Have In Common?

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What makes an ordinary seller become extraordinary? Is it their intellect or good luck? Is it their charisma and leadership qualities? There’s no definite formula, but there’s also no denying that there are common traits that make successful people stand apart from everyone else.

What Successful Handmade Sellers Have In Common1. Strong Work Ethic

These successful sellers commonly share a very strong work ethic. Whatever project they’re doing, they commit to it and their priority was to do the job! By having this mind-set it keeps them fresh and keeps them on top. They treat their business as a job not a hobby. Hobbies people tend to work on when the mood hits them, but jobs people clock in every day and do the work. Make it your goal to work on the things you love every single day. You may have a primary job and can’t put in long hours like some, but you have to clock in every day and do something.

Common things these people are working on for their business:

  1. Packaging
  2. Responding to emails
  3. Making products
  4. Working on titles and descriptions
  5. Writing on blog
  6. Pricing

2. They Are Active Online

I have noticed whether through a newsletter, blogging, vlogging, or other social media they stay connected. Keeping in mind the saying, “out of sight is out of mind”, will help you to appreciate that in order to make it you have to stay connected. Because you are essentially competing with the attention of your audience you have to stay frequently on their minds and you can’t do that with random interaction. Keep in mind your goal should be to have meaningful engagement appropriate to the form of communication that you chose to use.

3. Focusing On Customers Wants

You must realize you can’t make everything. Your focus should be on the things that your customers seem to love. Clean up your online shop and get rid of things that were just taking up space. It wasn’t easy to do, but do you really want a shop full of things that aren’t getting any attention?

Think about your favorite sellers and ask yourself what makes them your favorite. Maybe it’s because they treat you like you are special or they answer every question that you have with kindness and patience. Or perhaps you love the way they take their pictures or the way they package their items. Focus on the other things in your shop that are getting attention and selling.

4. They Are Hands On To Their Business

Some sellers may hire other people to help them with customer support, projects, etc. but they don’t take a back seat approach to no part of their business. All aspects are taking seriously, and none is least important than the other. From packaging to pricing and all the details in between it seems like careful attention is made.

Remember that because you are online you can get attention but your goal should be not only to get it but keep it. They work hard to pay attention to all the little details because they realize that it is the whole picture of their business that really counts!

5. They love what they do

This by far, was the most outstanding quality that they shared! You could hear the passion in their voice when they spoke, (or wrote about it) and see it in the finished product or services that they provided. When you love what you do it shows and people are automatically drawn to it.

Knowing the leaders in the handmade industry can prove to be helpful. After all they must be doing something right. Now I am not saying that you must follow all of these to be successful, but in my experience, these few tips are a common thread that is among them.

There you have it. How about you? What can you see on successful handmade sellers that brings them on top? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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