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I have a good news for you! The darkest days of the Great Recession are over, so we are told.

How To Use Science To Ensure Business SuccessHowever, we see that sales have improved only marginally for some handmade business entrepreneurs, while income stays low for most sellers.

We can see that some consumers are loosening up their wallets slightly, it is clear purchasing habits have changed.

Deep economic changes have occurred, and business may never be the same.

Handmade business sellers whether you’re focusing on your business or an experienced expert trying to get your mojo back again, you must do things differently in order to stand out. Everyone must change, especially small-business owners.

Performance coach and best-selling author Brendon Burchard spent 3 years conducting the world’s largest study on the mindsets and habits of successful people.

Check this video by Marie Forleo as they share the 6 keys to success he discovered in his research.

Above all, have fun. Being an entrepreneur is your choice, so make it work. It can be done. You can survive, emerge and succeed in this downsized economy, if you follow the right path.

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