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92% of consumers trust word of mouth over any form of advertising making it a smart strategy for a handmade business to embrace. This is why this certain social network caught my attention seeing it as a high potential marketing tool… I’m talking about Luvocracy.

luvocracyHandmade sellers flock to Pinterest to collect and keep track of inspirations. But Luvocracy is a new social network with a similar model focused less on inspiration and more on shopping and product recommendation.

How Does Luvocracy Works?

Luvocracy is based around the concept that customers buy products more when they are recommended by others. Once customers set up their account, anything they want to buy is just a click away. A Luvocracy shopping assistant finds the product at a competitive price from a reputable retailer, places the order, and will assist with any glitches or return needs.

If a product is sold out, they will scour the internet to find some where that it is in stock. If it’s out of stock everywhere, they will let the designer know that a customer wants to buy it and give the designer the opportunity to make more for the customer if possible.

Sounds good for both shoppers and sellers, right? However, some people have a lot of questions in mind especially the copyright legalities of their handcrafts. To shed some light, below are the most frequently asked questions about this site:

Luvocracy FAQ For Handmade Artisans

I am seeing my products on luvocracy – how did they get there?
Luvocracy members recommend products that they love on Luvocracy — one of them must like your product and has included it in their collection. They will be in touch if more of your products are recommended on Luvocracy.

How do I know that customers will buy items from me?
If a product has been recommended from your site, Luvocracy will buy from you when possible. If demand is high they will let you know so you can fulfill the orders.

One of your members has used my images – will you credit me?
Yes. They are currently adding the source of the imagery. You will receive full credit for the work you have done. Product updates like this will be announced on their company blog.

I would like the product descriptions on Luvocracy to match the product descriptions I use on my site. How do I do that?
Their intention is to include the key product information to enable their members to make an informed decision combined with the reason the product is being recommended. If you would like us to amend the text they have selected, you can contact them at

How do I communicate my returns policy?
They currently honor a 30 day return policy on most things bought on Luvocracy — if that is different from your policy they will cover the cost for you. Some products cannot be returned — these include custom products, digital items, undergarments, final sale items, perishables and products delivered via the White Glove delivery service. They make sure that their members are aware of this before the order has been placed on their behalf.

How can I let your members know when I am out of stock or have limited quantities of a particular item?
They are building a feature that will enable you to share this information with their members. When this is up and running, they will let you know on their blog.

If Luvocracy members have specific questions about my products, how will they be able to contact me?
Their goal is to make buying something as easy as possible for everyone using Luvocracy. If they receive questions from a member that they cannot answer, Luvocracy will be in touch with you. There will also be a link to your website within the recommendation to enable their members to contact you directly.

How will my brand be represented when one Luvocracy members recommends one of my products?
Currently they list the product name and designer. In the future, they will be adding a link to your website also. They are shaping how they address the needs of independent retailers and designers and would love to hear what you would like to see on Luvocracy.

I would like my product to be removed – how do I do this?
Email Luvocracy at and theypromiseto remove it within 24 hours. They will also follow up with you to understand why and work with you to resolve any issues that would enable your product to be recommended on Luvocracy in the future.

This site is quickly emerging and it pays to get to know it as early as now. Who knows? This might help you in your marketing strategies. So take a look at their site and decide if it suits you.

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