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If you’re looking for a way to increase traffic to your Etsy store then you might want to consider investing a little bit of time and money into Etsy search ads. They can be a great way to instantly increase the exposure to your store. But like any paid advertising they can also be a great way to spend a bunch of cash if you don’tget it right.

etsy-searchWhat Are Etsy Search Ads?

Etsy Search Ads are paid advertising spots used by sellers to promote their items to shoppers on Etsy. They’re displayed in the Sponsored area at the top of most search results pages in desktop view, and the bottom of most search results in your mobile browser.

Ads are displayed based on the keywords a shopper enters into search. The words searched are compared to the keywords sellers use for their ads.

How Do Paid Etsy Search Ads Work?

Etsy search ads are a great opportunity for handmade business owners but it is completely subjective. It might work for others but not for you, and vice versa.

Here’s a few tips fromAmanda C. from StarlightRoom

“It is MUCH better to only promote a few items at a time, and with just a few search words. Etsy will evenly distribute all your impressions between every item you’re promoting so if you’re paying a small amount, and lots of items, each one will only get seen a handful of times. I have had a fabulous time with them, once I understood how they work. A lot of people don’t seem to understand how to use them properly and therefore just say they stink lol

Also don’t use them to promote items that don’t have good pictures, OR that aren’t already selling a bit on their own…if they’re not selling, there’s a reason and search ads aren’t going to help you. I am a huge advocate for search ads, but I also realize they won’t work for everyone. I imagine it would be alot more difficult in more saturated markets like jewelry and things like that.”

What Are Impressions In Etsy Search Ads?

An impressionis a measure of the number of times an ad is seen, whether it is clicked on or not. Each time an ad displays it is counted as one impression; unlike “Item Views,” an impression does not necessarily mean that your item was clicked.

In addition, keywords play an important role in making a successful Etsy Search Ad campaign.

Search Ads keywords are priced by number of impressions. This number changes depending on your keyword and on the placement of the Search Ad. For this reason, keyword pricing is based on an average of available placements. The standard cost of a keyword for Search Ads on Etsy is 1,000 impressions for $1. Some keywords cost a little more, some cost a little less.

Any open shop with active listings can use it. Learn more about Etsy Search Ads and read more about keywords. Check it out as it may work beautifully for you and you don’twant to pass up on opportunity to make more money.

If you’re looking for another alternative, you might also be interested to check Etsy Relevancy Search and see how it can help your handmade business.

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