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Do you want to meet your business goals? Do you want to know other business tips for your startup business from top Etsy sellers this year?

Top Etsy Business Marketing Tips For 2018There are a lot ways to promote your startup business. So let’s hear it one by one from them:

Nancy Quiaoit from NancyQstudio

“This IS the question. Most small businesses struggle with marketing. It seems to require a constant learning curve which I’m far from mastering. But these things have helped:

*Taking time to build up a Facebook Page. I’ve found it’s important to connect with people there because it’s a social site. FB groups which relate to a shop/business can be very helpful too. When running ads, targeting an audience and pairing it on Instagram works.

*Pinterest is very helpful. Pinning other related images with my items mixed in has worked best.

*Etsy’s PL can be beneficial if listings are set up well. Lately they haven’t been working well for my shop. I’ve just started using them specifically for my top sellers which has saved $$.

*Getting involved in local community small business meeting and events which relate to my trade has been very helpful.

Arranging meetings and asking store/gallery owners in trendy high traffic areas to display items has helped with exposure.

Using hash tags on Instagram seems to work.”

vona giese from GieseDeseiGns

“I think that is something you have to learn on your own by hit or miss, since each shop is different, what works for a vintage shop wouldn’t work for me, for example. it’s a lot of trial and error. If you’re just starting out, I would use as much free sites, Facebook, Instagram, pinterest, Twitter, social media. If you go PL start with very low bid, till you see if it works for you.”

Letha Holmes from NanaLetha

“No tricks here – I just use Etsy Promoted Listings and always carry a bunch of my business cards with me.”

catwands from CatsBeadKitsandMore
“I use PL and sales. Even though I hardly ever post to pinterest anymore I still get views from there. I don’t use FB or twitter. I just started using Instagram a few weeks ago and have a few views from there. What seems to work best for me is listing something new each day.”

Sharon K. Shubert from GrayWolfGallery

“Post your shop’s URL anywhere you can! If you’re involved with a group outside of your shop, try to make sure other group members know you have an Etsy shop. Such as using your URL in your posts.

Leave business cards or brochures in public places. I leave mine in doctor’s office, lab office, local libraries, book shops, hair salon, restaurants, etc….

Add your shop’s URL to your email signature so that it shows up on every sent email.

Talk it up! There’s so many people who have never heard of Etsy!”

Kimberly Bouchu from TheChequeredLily

“I have found that giveaways have been reliably successful, provided that I make them easy enough and fun enough for people to want to participate in. The most successful giveaways I’ve participated in were multi-shop giveaways like loop giveaways (each participating seller offers a prize and is responsible for picking a winner, the contest is hosted on multiple accounts) or prize pack (every seller contributes an item to the organizer of the giveaway and that person chooses and sends all the items to 1 winner, the contest is hosted on the organizer’s account).

I’ve also had some luck with collaborations, where I partner with other brands similar to my own for subscription boxes, raffle prizes, charities, or events. These can be a little trickier, as engagement is not guaranteed, but I’m very choosey about my projects and have gotten some decent exposure and a few repeat customers.

By far my best marketing tip has been generosity. I know freebies don’t work well for everybody, but they are the single most profitable marketing tool I have. I give samples with nearly every order and have seen customers come back to purchase those items in full size later on. I always send like with like (eye shadows for eye shadow orders, bath samples for bath orders, etc.), as I find that’s the best way to encourage future purchases. I also try to coordinate colors to items in the order.

Lastly, coupon codes and strategic sales. I have found that for my business, running periodic sales, usually timed with a new release, is a good way to bump up my traffic and get some sales when I need them the most. In between sales, sometimes I’ll run a social-media only coupon code. In this case, I’ve found that small, dollar-off discounts work better than percentages. It takes a little effort to figure out the sweet spot, but for my business, $2-3 off a $7-$10 purchase works best. $5 off $15 also works decently for me. The key to this type of promotion is in setting up your pricing to encourage customers to overspend to meet the minimum.”

Pedrick from Pedricks

“I write in a blog, pin to my Pinterest boards every day. I don’t just pin my own stuff or write about my items. I look for things I like and I look for other people who are making similar items to mine and promote them. What is it that they say? Hope floats? Etsy used to have Treasuries via which we could help each other get noticed. But it was abused, so they shut it down. It was a wonderful way to be seen. So now I do something like that on my own and by doing so, have increased traffic for myself as well. I also follow each artist on Facebook if they have a page for their business and I take the time to like their posts.”

That’s it. You don’t have to use all of these tips. Get started and later on you will figure out what works best for your business.

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