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Do you want to hear experiences about overcoming learning disabilities, postpartum depression and relentless work ethic as a creative multi-passionate entrepreneur?

How To Be A Successful Mother And Handmade Business EntrepreneurAdd subheadingBryce Dallas Howard is an American actress, filmmaker, and writer. I was surprised that she was present in my favourite YouTube channel, Marie TV.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. How she turned her childhood learning disabilities into a lifelong source of strength
  2. Why the harsh statistics Bryce’s grandmother taught her about acting when she was 16 have fueled her past countless rejections. HINT: this mind-set can be applied in any industry
  3. The value of day jobs, side jobs and financial planning for all creative
  4. How she wisely sees comparisons and identity mix-ups with fellow actor Jessica Chastain as a very good thing
  5. Why she refused to stay silent about her postpartum depression and how important it is not to hide our most difficult struggles

Audience feedback:
“I am only 12 minutes in and I am so deeply grateful for this video already! I am now building my brand and setting to launch in December, I am a stay at home of mom of two under two, a wife, and no matter where I go I am always the different one. This video means so much to me because being a mom I have really strong view about seeing children as individuals and not comparing them! It keeps me sane and at peace knowing that each child is different and it is more powerful and beautiful to let them develop into their own unique characters without the pressure of someone or something telling them they are not good enough because they are different. Just really wanted you ladies to know how profound this video is and how much it is inspiring and motivating me. Thank You”

Get inspired and learn from these two amazing ladies:

Such an inspiring video, isn’t it?

So what’s your greatest take away from this video? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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