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Are you wondering what handmade products are selling big this year? Do you want to have an idea how or why they’re selling? And maybe… just maybe, you can find a strategy to use on your business.

Popular Craft Fair Hauls For This YearThere are a lot of products that are selling well on Etsy but that does not mean they’re going to be the same items that sell well to the people visiting the craft show.

Luckily, we can easily fin fun advice and information online from people that have been/are selling at craft shows!

From what I’ve noticed so far, small take-away items do great in craft shows!

People love buying little trinkets and gifts from craft shows because it’s a cute and easy to carry they can give to anyone – even someone they don’t know very well!

You don’t want to give a person the same handmade soap you do every year, but what about some organic soaps that come in a handmade paper box with a little Christmas message inside?

Here are some ideas to consider when building your inventory for a craft fair:

  1. Seasons – The Christmas season is fast approaching. Think stocking stuffers, Christmas colors like red and green, ornaments like Christmas tree, Santa Claus, etc.
  2. Thanksgiving – Everyone has someone they want to say thanks to so think about products that goes well with this event. Handmade greeting cards and bookmarks are a great idea.
  3. Eye-catching display – Prepare something that is eye catching to your craft show booth.

I thought it would be fun to show you the popular items at the recent Renegade Craft Fair!

Check this video by Olivia Hayward and see her Renegade Craft Fair haul:

I hope you enjoy this post. How about you? What is your recent craft show haul? Feel free to share your craft show haul below.

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