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Pokémon GO is more than the latest gaming craze – it’s an economic boon.

Pokémon GO Selling Opportunity For Handmade SellersIt’s also inspiring a new economy of Pokémon-related handmade goods and services pioneered by the enterprising everyman.

One inspiring story from an Etsy seller who also plays the game had a brilliant idea.

How often has your Pokeball curved slightly to the left, narrowly missing your perfectly calculated throw and allowing for a Pokemon’s swift escape? This seller had enough, taking to his 3D printer for a solution to this heinous problem.

The answer Etsy user, Jcach3DPrinting, came up with was a well-designed Poke Ball-aimer case for the iPhone 6, complete with finger-guiding path. For less than $10, you could soon be throwing Poke Balls with a perfect arc.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t prepared for the media explosion that put his product in front of millions of Pokemon Go players everywhere, as the overwhelming demand for his creation has caused his shop to go on a temporary hiatus.

For new customers stumbling upon his page, the description reads, “due to an OVERWHELMING demand I need to close the store for a few days whilst I catch up with demands.” Quite the disappointment for trainers everywhere, but don’t feel too bad.

Jcach3Printing follows it up with, “I will be back in just a few days with more models designed, such as for Samsung phones, iPhones, and many more.” If your device isn’t listed, he also encourages players to message him with model requests.

You see, opportunity is everywhere for handmade sellers.

Actually, there are more ways handmade sellers are making money from Pokémon GO:

1. Handmade Reflective Badges

After hearing news of so many Pokémon GO players getting injured while playing the game in the dark, the seven-year-old entrepreneur, Athen Salcedo had an idea. He made a reflector badge that Pokémon GO players could pin to their clothing to make themselves more visible while dashing through neighborhoods at night – and named it PokeGlo.

2. Pokeball Battery Chargers

One Etsy shop owner sells an on-the-go battery pack craftily disguised as a Pokeball that vows to extend your battery life by two full charges for $40. It helps Pokémon GO players keep their mobile devices juiced up.

Once you know what you want to make and sell, your success all depends on the execution of your plan and the presentation of your products. Doing your research will not only keep your customers happy, it will keep your business happy as well.

Has Pokemania struck your household? Figured out a way to cash in? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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