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Indulging in crafts in every season of the year is a great way to promote your handicrafts and meet new people.

Places You Can Join Craft Shows In The U.KWhen the sun comes out so do the crafters, up and down the country, in their hoards to celebrate the community, take part in workshops and or check the trends to take any project to the next level.

So, to help you organize your schedule and make sure you don’t miss out, we listed popular online places where you can inquire and join craft shows near you.

Here are popular Facebook groups you should be a member of. Don’t forget to read their rules to become a member.

  1. Craft Fairs & Craft Shows UK
  2. New England Craft Shows & Venue Info
  3. Marina Crafts Shows for Cancer Research UK
  4. Hand Crafted Jewellery And Component Show
  5. England – Crafty Corner – Arts & Crafts Show & Tell, Buy & Sell.
  6. Birmingham/Nottingham – Hand made wooden crafts for sale or just to show
  7. Liverpool – crafty creation group for people who do crafts to show or sell.
  8. Edinburgh – The Scottish Hobby & Craft Trade Show.
  9. Cambridge – Cambridge On Mom, Baby and Craft Shows.
  10. Oxford – Oxford and Lafayette County Homemade items, Arts, and Crafts.

If you can’t find a craft show in your location with these groups, you can trust these websites:

  1. The Creative Craft Show · NEC, Birmingham
  2. The Creative Craft Shows
  3. Craft Shows | ICHF Events
  4. Crafts for Christmas · SEC, Glasgow · 25-28 October 2018 – Craft Shows
  5. British Craft Trade Fair
  6. UK Craft Fairs
  7. Craft fairs and craft related events in Cornwall
  8. Best Craft Festivals In The UK – Prima

We will make sure this list will be update. If you know places where anyone can join craft shows, please let us know in the comments to keep this list update. Thanks!

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