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Are you looking for a new photo editing tool that is totally free and works great for your product photos? Vectr might be the magic spell for you!

What Is Vectr?

New And Free Vector Graphics Software For Handmade SellersVectr is the newest, free photo editor that you can use on your desktop or in your web browser to create simple, clean vector graphics. Vectr is truly cross-platform and has a low learning curve: you can download free Mac, Windows, Linux or Chromebook apps and get started designing something in a few minutes.

This is also a great product photography enhancement engine. This will help your photos stand out from the crowd, putting a professional polish on your photos with just a click. Best of all, it’s 100% free!

For a handmade seller, you’ll benefit from its scalable vector graphics using simple and easy-to-use tools; think of it a stripped-down version of Adobe Illustrator.

As with other vector imaging apps, you can work with shapes, text and multiple layers. The interface is skillfully structured and won’t bog new users down with non-essential tools and functions.

Right now, Vectr is a handy tool for those who are getting started with vector graphics, or have basic needs from their imaging software.

Those of you who wants to incorporate vector graphics to your designs you can plenty of knowledge in the vector graphic design tutorials section.

Designing is a social activity - people love sharing what they’ve created and want to receive immediate feedback. Vectr understands this, which is why Vectr users are able to post their projects directly to social media networks likes

Facebook or Twitter with a unique URL.

But Vectr has a much larger vision for its app. Find out how it works by looking at this video:

Vectr on their press release says it’s working to add powerful features like real-time collaboration, version control and a built-in marketplace where you can buy design assets for your own projects.

This looks a very promising software. If you use this software, show us your work and let us know what you think about it in the comment box below or head on to our Facebook page where discussions usually take place.

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