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Is MailChimp the right email marketing tool for you?

MailChimp Updated Review For 2018When you think about email marketing tools, the first one that normally springs to mind is MailChimp. It’s probably because of their great marketing and their charming monkey!

Established back in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius. MailChimp’s headquarters are in Atlanta with additional offices in Brooklyn and Oakland and employs over 800 staff.

MailChimp offers everything you need for business growth. From sending out emails, running a targeted campaign, to setting up email automations, and now claim to send over 600 million emails daily through their platform. That’s a lot of emails!

In this post, I will be seeing just how MailChimp copes with email marketing and what my likes and dislikes are.


  1. Easy to use user-interface.
  2. Great split-testing ability.
  3. Reasonable form builder (but inconsistent across form types).
  4. Extensive library of expertly created email templates.
  5. Well supported by other third-party services and apps.
  6. Various support channels.
  7. Amazing Free Plan.


  1. Can still be list-centric
  2. The segmentation and grouping options can be quite confusing
  3. Restricted marketing automation abilities
  4. Basic automation workflow builder

With any tool on the market, MailChimp may not be the right choice for everyone. Let’s try to identify who this tool may be suitable for:

1. Budget Conscious Bloggers

If you’re looking to save a few pennies, MailChimp is regarded as being one of the more reasonable options available.

Let’s see the numbers, based on the lowest plan for others out there in the marketplace.

mailchimp price

What makes this appealing if you are on a tighter budget is the forever free plan allowing up to 2000 subscribers and a massive 12,000 emails per months, without even spending a penny.

That’s not all, and it recently started to give free users access to marketing automation, which was well received.

They do come with the MailChimp branding, but still, this is a very competitive free plan.

Through most of this review, MailChimp has stayed true to its easy use, with the majority of this down to the interface being so user-friendly.

It also does a fantastic job of breaking down sophisticated features such as A/B testing into something much more manageable.

2. Small Business Owners

This is great for small businesses and handmade business owners as it can take advantage of the free plan, with the choice to upgrade when more sophisticated functionality is required.

3. Best for Bulk Emails

This list of the best email marketing software would be lacking without MailChimp. It’s a service which has been around since 2009 and is one of the leading tools on the market today.

4. Best for Ecommerce

MailChimp’s biggest and most powerful e-commerce features are driven by your store data. When connecting to your store, your purchase and your customer’s information will sync automatically, giving you the ability to build your list and provide the option to subscribe at the time of checkout.

All this information helps you to learn what your customers like, thus being able to recommend a product they may want.

Here is a list of shopping carts and e-commerce solutions for MailChimp

  1. Shopify
  2. BigCommerce
  3. Magento
  4. WooCommerce

What it offers?


For basic email marketing, it works flawlessly, but not for more complex automations.


Its free plan is the most generous plan anywhere and is also very competitive with paid for plans.

Ease of Use

User-interface is very intuitive with only a few limitations.


Active community groups, great live chat support, and extensive documentation. Great!


MailChimp has been around for quite some time, now, and is a reliable email service provider providing you with all the basics you require to add email marketing to your business. If you’re a newbie to email marketing, and on a budget then this is perfect as it has the bonus of the forever free plan.

Now, over to you…..

Now I’d love to hear from you:

Are you going to purchase MailChimp or are you already using it?

Perhaps you started reading this review with the intention to buy, and maybe now you’re not so sure!

Feel free to leave a comment below and, we’ll see if I can help.

Still not sure, got a question, I’ll be personally replying to comments and questions that come in.

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