Which Imprint Method is Right For Your Marketing Materials?

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Many craft business owners live with the misconception that creating printed marketing materials is just like running off copies of a document on their home printer. But the truth is, commercial printing is nothing like what you’d do in your own office.

If you don’t have much experience with designing or manufacturing printed materials, you be surprised to learn that there’s a difference between CMYK and PMS ink—or that you can print a design without using ink at all.

This handy breakdown of popular imprint methods will not only show you the different types of printing methods; it will also explain when and how to use them so you can achieve the best possible design results.


print methods infographic

But remember: you don’t have to take the weight of your entire print design onto your own shoulders.

It’s much better if you gain a basic understanding of imprint methods on your own—then turn to a professional to finalize and manufacture the design. The print design team at Company Folders (the print shop that created this resource) has decades of experience in creating custom designs. They’ll be able to recommend the best technique for your particular situation.

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