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When you’ve built a following of customers who are just as excited about your products as you are, that can be an incredibly effective marketing tool for your business.

How To Make Your Customers Share Your ProductsThese kinds of super fans, who are willing to share your shop or products with their friends, family and followers, are called brand ambassadors.

These are customers who are so inspired by their purchase or experience with your brand that they just can’t help but tell others about it.

So how can you make your own customers transform to brand ambassadors?

1. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Going above-and-beyond to provide great customer service is another way to make your customers share their experience.

Putting the customer’s happiness first is the way to go. Even small things like shipping when you say you’re going to ship can go a long way toward creating a lasting impression of your brand.

If you’re dealing with a difficult situation, always take the high road and do what’s best for your business in the long term. Make the customer happy. Refund their money. Send them a new item if that’s what they want.

2. Make Your Products Shareable

The first step encouraging your customers to sell for you is simple: make products that people can’t wait to share on Instagram or tell a friend about.

Making something that’s shareable can get people to do a lot of your marketing for you. The most shareable items fall into two categories:

  1. Products that help customers express themselves. This kind of connection can turn buyers into ambassadors for your brand because it satisfies a desire we all have to feel represented.
  2. Products that solve a problem or make customers’ lives easier. That could be something like a necklace with an easy-to-fasten magnetic clasp or an item shipped in a gift box so the buyer doesn’t have to do extra work before gifting.

3. Empower Your Customers to Spread the Word

The next step in turning your customers as your product ambassadors is to make it easy for them to share your brand with others. Including something right in the package that encourages customers to spread the word, to take advantage of the excitement and anticipation that comes from receiving something you’ve ordered online.

People are already in the moment when they’re digging into your package. It’s the pinnacle of a bunch of really exciting emotions.

A reminder to share and an incentive, like offering a coupon code for their next order, might be all it takes. Your phone is always right there, so it’s really easy when you’ve been subtly reminded.

To encourage customers to spread the word, include a full color card with product images and links to your social channels.

Creating a specific hashtag for your customers to use ensures that followers who see your customers’ photos can trace them back to your brand. For this to work, the hashtag needs to be a direct reflection of your business.

Use your business name. Be sure to check two things when choosing a hashtag: first, check Instagram and Twitter to see if any one else is using it. If the hashtag you were hoping to use is already in use, try customizing it by adding your business name location, or words like “fan.” Secondly, look at how the words look lowercase, with no spaces.

Make sure no unintended words or phrases appear that might make your hashtag difficult to read.

4. Engage With Your Customers

Once your customers are sharing their images and using your hashtag, engage with them by thanking them for sharing or by liking their photos.

Re-posting great customer images on your social channels is a great idea. But message or comment to ask for permission first. A little extra attention can make that customer feel special and sharing customer images is an easy way to keep your social channels fresh and full of new content.

Engaging with your customers on social media in a way that lets them know that you’re a real person who cares about their feedback can help them feel more connected to your brand. Not only does it give you a chance to reinforce your brand, but it keeps you in touch with your customers.

5. Make Your Brand Name Memorable

Including your shop name somewhere on the item ensures that they can open the bag or look in the back of the dress to find your business name. You want your customers to share your product, and if they can’t remember your shop name, you might miss out on new customers.

You can also include additional business cards in your package so buyers can easily hand them out.

6. Reward Your Customers

Another way to increase your product ambassadors — customers who are so excited about your brand and products that they market your business for you — is to find ways to surpass their expectations.

Surprise your customers by engaging with them online, making their transaction seamless, and handling any issues that arise quickly. Delight them with products and packaging that make them happy they chose to spend their money with you.

Also, women love to share products on Instagram when they just receive it especially if the product is in elegant packaging.

So how do you encourage customers to talk about your brand and products? Please share your tips in the comments below!

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