How To Make $2,680 in 2 Days From Etsy

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Are you looking for ways to increase your sales on Etsy but don’t know how to?

How To Make $2,680 in 2 Days From EtsyWell, we have these two amazing woman that will help you achieve your goals.

In this video, Starla will:

  1. Stop you from creating the many mistakes that many Etsy sellers make that stop them from creating successful Etsy shops.
  2. Give you Etsy tips on how to set up your Etsy store for your business.
  3. Tell you what she wished she did so you’ll know better on how to sell on Etsy and how to setup an Etsy shop.

Here’s the video of Renae Christine’s interview of Starla Moore:

Some of the things mentioned in this interview include email list and stackable coupons, and just like you, we are wondering what Starla is using for her email list and she answered, Mailchimp!

If you are wondering what she meant about stackable coupons, it isn’t really a stackable coupon, but more of a stackable discount.

She is using the Etsy on Sale app to put her entire shop on sale- then her key club members receive the exclusive email code- which they stack onto the already discounted items in her shop. Your customers will race to the idea of a “double-dip” sale. :

She also added, a time crunch coupon that makes them feel pressured to buy quickly will actually reap more benefits than offering a coupon that never expires. Be sure to make it known that the coupon will be expiring and give them an exact date and time.

That’s it. If you want more sales you do need to really dig in and do the research to find out what works; do your homework before you jump in, get as much information as you can get, participate and get to know others in your chosen niche.

Don’t forget to set goals for sales, first 100 the first month, then 500 then 1000 to 5000 (or more) in less than a year.

Consistency is one of the main keys here so set your goals and chip away day by day. You will be amazed at the amount of progress you have made by the end of a year.

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