8 Ways To Start A Fun Craft Sales Party At Home

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Crafters are innately creative and start this venture as a hobby, but there comes a time when you’ll need to start selling those crafts to make a little extra spending money for your hobby. Of course, if you are like most other crafters, you might need to earn a living out of your creations in order to stay home with your family.

12-home-partiesMost crafters like to sell their products, but usually don’t want to make a commitment of “becoming” a business. An annual or seasonal open craft sales party is the perfect answer to the problem.

Selling? Ugh! Just hearing that word makes me cringe… but did you know that selling could be fun by doing it at home.

Here are some tips you can use in setting up a fun craft sales party at home:

  1. Hosting a craft home sales party will help you sell your crafts and recruit new sellers for your craft home party business. To start with, make a list of people you can think of who might be interested to earn extra money selling your handmade handicraft through home parties. You can try calling at least two people every day and tell them how your home party business can help them.
  2. Take advantage of craft shows, school fair or business fair by setting up a recruiting booth. This is a very good chance and venue to promote both your handicraft and your craft sales party at home. You can also try wearing a catchy bar pin, or a t-shirt promoting your home party business. Use a catchy slogan like “Do you want to earn extra money?” or “I can help you find good handicrafts”.
  3. Show your handicraft whenever there’s a chance. When someone notices and likes it, let them know about how they can get it for free and earn income by inviting them to your craft sales party at home.
  4. Promote your home craft sales party in low cost and free publications such as church and school bulletins, school publications, social media, newspapers, and local classifieds. There are lots of people especially women out there looking for a way to earn extra money who love crafts!
  5. Stick posters on telephone poles advertising your home party business. Don’t laugh! This really works for other people with good results.
  6. Use your car by putting a magnetic car sign advertising your home party business. This is an effective strategy where people can see it wherever you go. Don’t forget to include your contact details on the sticker.
  7. Advertise your home craft sales party prominently on your web page and social media accounts.
  8. Write interesting articles on how they can benefit from your home craft sales party, how they can make extra money, etc. Submit the articles to article directories along with a link to your web page.

That’s it! How about you? Have you hosted a sales party yourself?  What did you do to get the ball rolling?

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