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According to the National Retail Federation’s 2014 Father’s Day Spending Survey the holiday this year is expected to net close to $12.5 billion. Breaking that down, the spending average for moms is $162.94 per individual whereas for dads it’s $113.80.

Handmade Sellers Selling Tips This Father’s DayOddly enough, Father’s Day isn’t anywhere near as big.

Unfortunately, most retailers don’t spend time marketing Father’s Day, leaving the playing field wide open in terms of competition. This is a great reason why you should jump into the game.

Here are some tips to help you get started for your handmade business:

Make It Easy For Shoppers

The first step in every handmade business marketing is to think of ways to help make the gift-giving choice easy for your customers. If you run website, a gift guide is a great way to do this. Offer suggestions by price and/or interest and use emails, social media and e-newsletters to group and highlight inventory along the same lines that appeals to Dad (and perhaps more importantly, women – who are often the buyers this holiday).

Offer complimentary gift-wrapping too (and don’t forget to promote it) – this is a big time saver for busy moms. Online stores can offer free shipping without losing too much profit or offer free upgrades (regular to expedited shipping) as Father’s Day draws nearer.

Target Kids And Moms

Kids are also your customers during Fathers Day, so think of ways to entice children into your store. Whether it’s a special offer for kids who actually make a purchase using their own pocket money, or a special event or offering that attracts kids (and their parents) to your business – such as free giveaways for kids when mom makes a purchase. Perhaps offer a special discount or a low-priced selection just for children making a purchase.

Create A Contest

Even if you don’t have specific Father’s Day specials, don’t pass over the occasion. Recognize the day in other ways. Get kids (and their moms) to write in for a chance to win a prize. Use email, text message and Facebook to get the word out. Those are all inexpensive. Host a contest on Facebook – ask your fans to submit their silliest Dad pictures or host other Dad-themed contest or raffle in your online store.

Honor Dads Across Demographics

No one dad is the same. Some are overseas serving their country; others may be dads for the first time. Think of ways to honor these fathers. Develop a theme and make sure it runs through all your marketing and promotions.

It’s no secret that retailers love to play the heartstrings with Father’s Day marketing, because it works. Keep that— and the ideas we listed above—in mind when creating your own Father’s Day marketing campaign, and you should be just fine.

If you have suggestions, please let us know in the comment box below.

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