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Amazon opened up an all handmade marketplace on their site called Handmade at Amazon and a lot of handmade sellers now are wanting their businesses to be invited or accepted there.

what-to-do-if-handmade-at-amazon-deny-your-application“Handmade is an invite-only community of hand-selected artisans,” the email explained. “To be considered to sell at Handmade and join in on our debut – we need a little more information from you. Please take a moment to apply, introduce yourself and tell us more about your products.”

But what if you got denied?

“Our team appreciates your interest and unique talents, but we are unable to extend an invitation to join Handmade at this time.

Though Handmade cannot accommodate your products, we encourage you to check out our other selling options on Amazon. Our goal is to create diverse marketplaces that feature all kinds of goods.

If you’d like us to reconsider your application, please fill out this form. We will get back to you within six weeks.”

We can respect that, however they leave us wondering why the communications are not making it absolutely clear why your application was rejected.

So answer these questions below and they might shed some light for you:

1. What are you making?
The only time I’ve seen that Amazon outright denied someone is when they think your products aren’t handmade. Reapply with photos of your process. Take photos of you actually doing each step.

I’ve seen two denial letters. One when they ask you to reapply when the category you’re in comes open and one when they just outright deny you. Show them that you’re doing this each step of the way. Gliterring the mug, applying epoxy, designing in your studio, machines, vinyl, whatever the case may be.

2. Check trademark issues
Do you make items with sports teams or Disney items or some other copyrighted items?

3. Full category
The other possibility is they just aren’t taking any more in your category. I know couple of PPL selling water bottles have been rejected. A couple of jewelry PPL too they seem to be capping categories but they don’t say what the issue is.

What to do: Check what the letter say. You can email Amazon seller central and have them call you to get some clarification.

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